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There are several ways to move around in the galaxy, from the very mundane to the more exotic.

On foot

 Yes, it's a thing! And this is the way all players start before obtaining their first speeder.
 Setting off by foot into the wilderness of a planet brings players to places to explore that would otherwise be bypassed
 when driving a speeder and should not be dismissed by the serious explorer.

Ground Vehicles

 Speeders come in many shapes and sizes, from the simple single seater swoops to multi passenger vehicles carrying up to eight players.
 They provide quicker transportation and are the most commonly used means of ground transportation.


 Beast Master may create creature mounts for players to ride in areas that don't allow speeders, like certain areas of Kashyyyk.


 Shuttles can be used to transport players from one shuttleport to another on the same planet or from one starport to another planets startport.

Space ships

Player Space ships provide easy travel from spaceport to spaceport on the same planet or two different planets.

Instant Travel Vehicles

 Instant Travel Vehicles (ITV's) provides quick transportation from on place to another without ground travel.

Flight of the Veteran

This Veteran Reward item lets the player be transported to another player in their group.