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3 May

30 March

04 March

  • Daslo has left the team as Admin after nearly three years of being with the team

14 February

  • The Ewok Festival of Love is starting, with an all new Event about Mr Hate and his plan to take Revenge

14 February

25 January


17 December

01 December

19 October

19 October

23 September

29 August

10 August

03 August

25 June

  • Star Wars Galaxies is turning 15 years - this is celebrates with a special picture and many in-game events

06 June

17 April

  • The new Launcher is being released with a totally new design

04 April

01 March

28 February

  • SWG Legends is turning three years old!

15 February

  • The Ewok Festival of Love is starting

22 January


27 December

  • Carrie Fisher is passing away from our realm to the stars

21 December

01 December

  • The Lead Developer Aadi is leaving the team with a big bang, deleting the SWG Legends Discord
    • A new discord is been set up
    • Elour is replacing Aadi as new Team Lead for the Development Team

27 November

11 September

29 August

11 August

29 June

  • After the memory leak has been fixed, the server hardware is been upgraded again to reduce lag and improve the server stability

10 June

  • After fixing the exploit and the damage done to the cities, the Omega server is coming back online

02 June

  • The server is being attacked with some in-game exploits, leading to cities disappearing. As consequence, the Omega server is going offline

31 May

  • Erebus is quitting his position as Admin, leaving the SWG Legends Project for another NGE project, and is replaced by Neliev

26 May

  • The Memory Leak bug, which has plagued the SWG Legends project from the beginning, has finally been fixed with the help of Sylie

04 May

  • SWG Legends 1st "May 4th" event is being held by the Events Team at Mount Chaolt

08 March

25 February

  • The "One Year Anniversary" of the Omega server is being held by the Events Team

22 February

  • Dark, one of the Admins, resigns from the project and is replaced by Erebus

02 February


13 December

26 October

  • The SWG:Legends Launcher 2.0.0 is released

19 October

  • The team is split by some internal problems: Armara, Khadavin, Atheenah, Chaos, Cable, Reign, Cerene and Anchuri are leaving

03 October

  • ILM 3.0 is been released by JarekCyphus

29 September

21 September

  • The server is facing constant DDOS attacks
  • Whitelisting is enabled to keep the server reachable for players as good as possible

03 September

28 August

02 August

20 July

  • The servers are migrated to new hardware to reflect the influx of new players

09 July

06 July

27 June

18 June

13 June

  • SWG Legends Re-Launches "Omega" Live Server with only 36 hours of play-time "rollback".

12 May

  • The Live Server "Omega" and its database is completely wiped by someone accessing the hardware

09 May

  • Jerry (Lead Developer) is leaving the team
  • Wildcard Wilson becomes Lead Developer and Head of Technical Staff.
  • Nowa becomes new Community Manager of SWG Legends.
  • Aadi becomes Lead Web Developer and Server Developer.
  • Dark becomes Operations Lead.
  • To reflect staff changes, staff is reorganized with Wildcard Wilson, Daslo and Dark as Project Administrators.

08 May

  • Due to some lack in communication and management, Gray, Ristana and Super-Elf are removed from the team

27 April

  • SWG Legends completes website migration from Nexcess to a new host for increased stability.

30 March

27 March

23 March

06 March

  • Saint Stellas, one of the Founders and Admins, is leaving the project.

26 February

  • SWG Legends officially launches the "Omega" Live Server!

25 February

17 February

14 February

10 February

31 January

25 January

23 January

22 January

18 January

16 January

  • Various Technical Staff departs SWG Legends Staff for various reasons. In the aftermath, Jerry becomes Lead Developer.

12 January

  • SWG Legends thanks the community for such on out-pour of support for the project.

11 January