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Login Screen

Launcher Login.png

The login screen has options to:

  • Change theme (requires a Launcher restart; via the Settings/Gear icon in the upper right corner)
  • Remember the account information

Opening the Launcher after an update will display the latest patch notes a single time. The patch notes are also recorded below

Previous versions of the launcher did not show the Launcher Ver text on this page, if you don't see the version here it's time to upgrade!

Main Screen

Launcher Main Page.png

The main screen of the Launcher:

  • Displays recent news via forum posts
  • Displays status of required patches
  • Displays current server status
  • Provides quick links to the forums, support area and social media pages

If this is your first time running the launcher, it will prompt to begin updating files. You can check out the Settings page while updates are happening.

Settings Screen

Launcher Settings Page.png

The settings page gives you access to:

  • Automatically check for new updates when logging in (instead of clicking "Check" every time you open the Launcher)
  • Change your Theme (requires a Launcher restart)
  • Set the Login Address
    • The buttons Omega and TC-Alpha, on the right, can be used in place of the text box
    • Omega is the default Live server
    • TC-Alpha is the test center, not all zones will be available
  • Save a Username and Password to be passed to the game client after launching
  • Automatically connect to the login server
    • This attempts to take you straight to Character Select once the game client launches
  • Game Settings
    • This opens the SwgClientSetup_r program, which configures settings outside of the game client, pictured below
  • Verify Game Cache
    • This runs a full check on the required game files and checks for corruption
  • Player Utilities
    • This opens a secondary window, pictured below
  • ILM options are available at the bottom of the page
    • ILM is an addition to the game and requires extra downloads

Game Settings

Client Game Settings.png

Game Settings provides access to options that can not be configured in-game

  • Resolution
  • Windowed Borderless (requires BOTH options to be checked)
  • Joystick selection (multiple joysticks are not supported directly via the client, a "main" must be selected via this window)

Player Utilities

Launcher Player Utilities.png

Player Utilities provides access to:

  • Copy Keybinds, Options and Interface Layout from one character to another
    • For the dropdown menus to populate with your character names, you will need to have logged in to the game at least once
    • The Copy buttons are disabled until two different characters are selected
  • Copy Omega to TC-Alpha
    • This copies your Omega options to TC-Alpha
    • TC-Alpha may not have the same characters available on it
  • Backup Profiles
    • This creates a ZIP backup of your profiles folder, and stores it inside the profiles folder
  • Restore Profile Backup
    • Allows you to select a ZIP to be restored to the profiles folder
  • Auto Backup Profiles
    • This will automatically create a ZIP of your profiles folder each time the launcher is started up
    • If more than 10 backups exist, the oldest will be deleted

Linux/OSX Usage

The Launcher supports being run directly on Linux or OSX. Requirements are a Java Runtime Environment 1.8.0_161 or greater.

The Launcher can be opened via:

  • java -jar SWGLegendsLauncher.exe

Game Settings and the Game Client are launched by calling wine

  • wine SwgClientSetup_r.exe
  • wine SwgClient_r.exe

This direct running on Linux and OSX are largely untested, if you come across any issues the SWGLegends team may be able to help correct them or implement updates in a future launcher

Update History


January 6 2020

  • Player Utilities updated with automatic profile backup, manual profile backup and restore capabilities
  • Default Theme updated from Life Day to Hyperspace
    • Life Day is no longer available as a Theme


December 4 2019

  • Launcher-Utility deprecated
    • The Launcher now replaces itself when an update is available, instead of using a secondary program
  • The Theed Theme has returned
  • The Witches of Dathomir Theme is no longer the default, but is available as an option
  • The Life Day Theme has replaced Witches of Dathomir as the default theme


November 20 2019

  • You can no longer attempt to Log In with a blank username/password.
  • Settings Page has been updated with new options.
    • Omega/TC-Alpha buttons will set the Login Server Address.
    • Account Password is now encrypted when stored in launchersettings.ini and Legends.cfg. (Available on Windows, if an unsupported operating system is detected it reverts to the current system)
    • A new "Auto Connect To Login Server" checkbox can be utilized with the saved Username/Password.
  • Player Utilities has been added to the Settings Page.
    • Ability to copy Options, Keybinds and UI Layouts between characters.
    • Ability to copy Omega settings to TC-Alpha.
  • A furry creature has been spotted lurking


August 6 2019

  • The launcher will now open with an error message if SWGLegends.com is unreachable, instead of not opening at all.
  • Patch Server error messages have been added. You will be alerted if it is inaccessible with more information if available.
  • If ReShade is detected, an "Uninstall ReShade" button is now available next to the "Download ReShade" button in Settings.
  • Removal of "launchersettings.ini" no longer leaves the launcher in an inoperable state.
  • Social media icon/links to SWGLegends sites have been added.
  • Version number now displays on the Login screen, in addition to the current display after logging in.

ILM 2.0 Release

January 18 2019

  • ILM 2.0 added to launcher

Initial Release

May 10 2018

  • Old launcher replaced