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Skill tree
Master Politician
Fiscal Policy IV Martial Policy IV Civic Policy IV City Customization IV
Fiscal Policy III Martial Policy III Civic Policy III City Customization III
Fiscal Policy II Martial Policy II Civic Policy II City Customization II
Fiscal Policy I Martial Policy I Civic Policy I City Customization I
Novice Politician

Profession Overview

Politicians are the only profession capable of running a Player City. Players receive all the benefits of master politician by establishing residency at a house they own.

Base Skills Overview

The Politician gains two primary areas of capability, each of which can help assist the city that they run.


A Politician can obtain the abilities to place important civic buildings such as Cloning Centers and Shuttleports. Other placements include Mission Terminals, Profession Trainers and city decorations. Cantinas and Theaters are placed by Master Entertainers. Medical Centers are placed by Master Medics.

City Specializations

The Politician can also lead his or her city in a particular direction that will benefit all who reside there. Specializations include Research Center and Improved Job Market (read City Specialization for further details).

Player Cities

Politicians are linked with player cities. Only politicians can become a player city Mayor, and mayors have a lot of control and responsibility within a player city. For more details on player cities, see the Player city guide.

While being a mayor will certainly require lots of time, characters are able to diversify and take on other professions at no penalty to their Mayor template, as Politician requires no skill points for any skill.

Politicians also do not need any leveling up whatsoever. Once a player declared residence in or out of a player city, he/she is automatically fully leveled in the politician profession.