Galactic Hunters

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Galactic Hunters is the third card game in the SWG Trading Card Game and was released in March 2009.

Galactic Hunters

General Infomation

The Galactic Hunters card sets include 10 new bounty hunter based quest cards, 180 bounty hunter based play cards, and over 20 new loot cards for in-game play. You can now play with iconic stars such as Boba Fett, IG-88, Bossk and more.

Some of the new loot cards included in the third set are the Armored Bantha, the Zam Wesell (KORO-2) Airspeeder, and more. A complete list of loot can be found { here] or here. Loot cards are randomlly inserted into Booster packs, although random it is said the the average for insertation of loot cards in the Galactic Hunters expansion is 1 in 5. This has not been confirmed.

The Galactic Hunters Expansion also includes four new starter decks, one each of Jedi, Sith, Imperial, and Rebel.

Another addition to the Trading Card Game (TCG) is two new playable avatar species, Trandoshans and Ithorians. Each includes customizable stats and abilities.

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