Dead Forest

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File:Dead forest.JPG
The Dead Forest of Kkowir
File:Dead troopers.JPG
Scout Troopers in Kkowir Forest

The Dead Forest is an area of the larger Kkowir Forest fallen to the darkness of Sayormi power. Once as beautiful as the rest of Kashyyyk, the Dead Forest now exists solely as a monument to the destructive tendencies of the Sayormi people. The people of Kerritamba Village fight daily to curb the expansion of the Dead Forest and restore life to their land, but Sayormi power grows every day and the Dead Forest continues to advance. Frustrated at his inability to protect his people's sacred home, Chief Kerritamba now turns to outsiders to help fight back the Sayormi and restore the Great Tree.

The great Sawtooth makes his home in the Dead Forest, as does the Sayormi leader Cyrans the Unfeeling and his queen. A small contingent of Imperial Scout Troopers have also been seen in the Forest, though no one knows quite why they are there.(They're part of the the Doing your Duty quest line)