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This interface is accessed pressing C or from the ESC menu. It is where you may view data in the categories of Status, Personal, Faction, Skill mods and Expertise.

Status: This tab displays the character's attributes and defenses.

Personal: This tab displays full name of your PA, your species, declared home location, remaining number of lots, pairing status, bind location and also Show Collections button.

Faction: This tab displays the amount of respect (or disrespect!) afforded to the character by various organizations and alliances within the game.

Skill mods: This tab displays the various skill and stat modifications applied on your character by your equipped gear, buffs and other effects.

GCW: This tab displays your GCW system achievements: your current factional rank, your progress to next rank, time until next GCW system update, your weekly GCW points, weekly PvP kills, total GCW points, total PvP kills and highest achieved Rebel and Imperial GCW rank.

  • Notes:

Here you can have a look at the old and now extinct Character Sheet (pre-NGE)