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SWG Legends | Staff & Departments

Departments & Responsibilities

Project Administrators

Team: Neliev | RoarAsh | Elour
Responsibilities: Project management, financial management, tool chain, moderation between teams

Customer Service Team

Team Leader: Lokee
Interns: Chappi
Responsibilities: Member accounts, customer service tickets, handling of ingame problems, discord moderation

Community Relations Team

Team Leader: Laviz
Staff: RoarAsh | Tallia | Muhen
Interns: None
Responsibilities: Managing social media platforms, organising and holding in-game events, preparing community content (Friday Feature, Player Spotlight etc.)

Development Team

Team Leader: Reign
Interns: None
Responsibilities: Fixing bugs, implementing new content, preparing updates and fixes, planning releases

Designer Team

Team Leader: Kicco
Interns: Martaspahn
Responsibilities: Designing new objects/buildings/zones, modding content

Quality Assurance Team

Team Leader: Nubius
Interns: None
Responsibilities: Evaluating bug reports, testing development changes and bug fixes, supporting developers

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