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    Hello Legends,

    Community Staff have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions with answers to the questions. Below you will see the list. This announcement will be locked to staff only and updated as updates become available.

    Q: “The Galaxy is full. Help!”
    A: This is a known issue that happens upon reboot. When the server first comes online, it will quickly hit a Full cap. Please wait until development resolves the Full error and then login. If you need help, you can contact someone in Discord.

    Q: I am hanging at “connecting to galaxy”. Help!
    A: Use this troubleshooting guide to attempt to resolve your issue:
    1. Make sure you are using your correct username/password combination from the forums.
    2. Make sure your User.cfg is set to “”
    3. Make sure you followed the installation directions at If not, you will need to reinstall.
    4. Fully restart your client.

    If you still have issues, submit a ticket.

    Q: “I dropped some items in my house and now they’ve disappeared. Help!”
    A: The items are there, and they will re-appear if you do the following. Move all characters outside of the house and logout for 10-20 minutes. If you have tried this a time or two and are unsuccessful, submit an in-game forum ticket.

    Q: “I had a harvester/factory/house go poof and the lots were not returned. Help!”
    A: We have received a heavy amount of tickets on this issue. Submit an in-game ticket with a screenshot of /locateStructure and a CSR/QA will meet you when available and refund the missing lots.

    Q: "I have a quest that will not progress any further, and i’ve tried to delete it from my journal. Help!”
    A: If this quest is a space quest, first attempt to abandon it through your datapad. If you are unsuccessful in attempting to delete it through both methods, submit an in-game ticket.

    Q: “My character is stuck, and /unstick won’t work. Help!”
    A: The quickest way to have this resolved is by contacting Staff using the support channel in our Discord. An alternative method would be to submit an in-game ticket. Either way, a CSR/QA will come to you and help you become unstuck.

    Q: “My character crashed on Lok outside Nym’s Starport. Now, when i try to login, my client crashes. Help!”
    A: There is a zone right outside (to the right) of Nym’s that will cause you to crash and become stuck like this. If you experience this, please contact us in discord or through a ticket and we will move you. For now, it is advised to avoid that area at all costs.

    *Waypoint for this is: 822 11 4848*

    Q: “My new account is missing the Holocron of Knowledge. Help!”
    Q: “My new account is missing the Recruit a Friend Token. Help!”
    A: An unexpected issue occurred after implementing our last Game Update, which caused the lvl 90 token and the buddy token to disappear. We expect a hotfix for this to be implemented soon, so please wait for the fix to come. We will notify you through an Announcement when this fix is pushed to Omega.

    For all other issues you might run into, please submit a ticket on our forums. For any missing NPCs or bugs, please file a report on our mantis bug tracker.

    May the force be with you…

    -SWG: Legends Staff
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