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    “To access the SWG Legends Gameplay Servers (“TC”, “Test Server”, “Stress Test”, “Live Server”, “Gameplay”, “Server”, “EMU Server”, “The Servers”) every account owner must have a copy of Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided in their possession that they purchased. Note: Any version of Star Wars Galaxies with An Empire Divided is acceptable. This excludes the 14 Day Trial copy and the Jump to Lightspeed expansion, as well as any copies obtained through torrents, warez, sharing, or illegal download. Star Wars Galaxies is not required to register an account with SWG Legends, but is required to access SWG Legends Gameplay Servers. Accessing SWG Legends Gameplay Servers without a copy of Star Wars Galaxies An Empire Divided will make your account subject to permanent banning, without warning”

    SWG Legends Rules & Terms of Service state that Multiple Accounts are NOT allowed. Only 1 registered account is allowed per IP address. Additional Accounts will have to be requested and approved through the following guidelines:

    1. Submit a Ticket by Posting a New Thread in Multiple Account Support Services

    Make sure that you answer each and every question that the ticket asks, with as detailed information as possible.

    Please include your RIGHT ( or left but all players show same hand ) hand ONLY holding your copy of the game in the picture. We need to see that there is 1 individual per account requested. For digital versions of SWG, we will need to see some sort of digital proof that you own SWG, such as a picture of the Steam Library or Confirmation Email while right hand is pointing at it.

    Easy methods for picture uploads are to use imgur or gyazo, just post the link in your thread.

    Here is an example to get you started:

    Hello. I would like to get a 2nd account approved for my wife. My username is LukeSkywalker and her username is PrincessLeia. Our IP is 12.XX4.56X.89.
    *Insert Picture showing both players holding their own disc copy ( 2 copies of the game discs in total ) in their right hand.*
    Thank you for your time.

    Feel Free to contact @Neliev , @RoarAsh or @Atlendor or any member of the CSR team with any questions you may have.

    -SWG: Legends Staff
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