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    Hello Legends!

    Throughout the year we host a very community orientated event; The New & Returning Player Event. Since the launch of this event in 2017 we, with your aid, have helped hundreds of new and returning players get established and settled into their SWG:Legends experience.

    Over the last few weeks we’ve been looking through our inventory and noticed we’re starting to get low on quite a few in-game items which we grant freely to players which help them.

    ************************************************** ************************************************** **************

    Below is a list of general items we are looking for in our donations, however: You are free to donate anything you think might be helpful to a new or returning player!

    • Lightsaber Crystals and Krayt Pearls
    • Jedi Collection Pieces (Holos and Artifacts)
    • Resources needed for Trader Grind kits
    • Low Level Crafted Weapons (in crates, Looking for both melee and ranged)
    • Pups/Food
    • Crates of Armor and socketed shirts
    • 1-2 lot houses
    • Pups/Food
    • Jewelry (Treasure map loot)
    • Swoops
    • Basic pets (both combat and entertainer)
    • Beast Master Consumables

    We would like to state a donation is not at all necessary or required from any player, we greatly appreciate any assistance you can give, but don't feel like you need to! If you are looking to donate items, they don't need to be server best or anything, just anything you can spare to help a fellow adventurer!

    ************************************************** ************************************************** **************

    We will have a vendor located at 2587 -4992 on Tatooine (Outside Mos Eisley), please offer items there for donation, set to sell for one credit. If you have a large sum of items, or any questions feel free to reach out to any member of the Events team, and we would be glad to assist you!

    ************************************************** ************************************************** **************

    We appreciate any item donation that you are able to make, big or small, no matter what it is!

    May the force be with you,

    The SWG:Legends Team
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    How often is the vendor checked? I put some stuff in there and would like to get them bought so I can have the space to put more stuff on the bazaar.
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