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Thread: *A Moment In Time: Just Roll With It!*

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    Greetings Adventurers!

    The galaxy is full of fun and mischief, well mostly!

    The city of Nashal is known for tranquil scenery. However, It seems a rather well-known BB droid unit called “BB-8” has got himself into a bit of a sticky situation.

    A local that resides on the outskirts of Nashal has reported seeing several of IG-88's mechanical minions ushering something large and circular inside one of their seized buildings, could this be BB-8? Your objective is to safely locate BB-8 and escort him safely back to Nashal Starport. Perhaps if you shake BB-8 when he makes a loud “BEEP!” he could potentially drop something which could be potentially useful to you? After all BB droids are known for their faulty storage compartments. An event of this type could be especially useful to Traders within the galaxy.

    Event Type: RP/PvE/Social
    Event Location: Start Location: Nashal, Talus.
    Event Objective: Just Roll with it!
    Event Date/Time: Monday 16th of March @ 10PM GMT/6PM EST/3PM PST

    Now, It’s time to get rolling!

    May the force be with you,

    The SWG:Legends Team.
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    BB-8 felt so very touched (lol) that you guys could all come out. I know it was very laggy and we're sorry about that. We had a bit of a technical issue with the start of the event that was hindering the opening of the event. Nearly 200 of you came out to see BB-8 safely back to the Starport, though. Good job! Thanks again for supporting our live events no mater what.
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    An hours notice...pfft. Y'all are lucky I love ya. I enjoy all the events so I'm not gonna bitch too much. Just having "I missed out" Corona fever.

    We are looking to expand should you want to live in proximity to the coolest mofos in the galaxy. Seriously, pack up that house around a NPC city or in the middle of nowhere and come be social. Holla!
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