We hope you're having a great new year Legends!

We have had some fantastic entries into the Homeshow this month, and it took some serious debating to determine who we though was on top!

To start off the new year, we have chosen @Neelix as our victor, and their awe inspiring NewHope Tower (Large Windowed Generic Planet House, Style 2), found at on Talus /way 5150 -4600! We were blown away by the details found in his house, and we hope everyone can head there and check it out!

Congratulations to our winner! Please reach out to our Events Team (RoarAsh, Tallia, Walmahrt, or Muhen) either here or on discord so we can get with you for your rewards!

If you are curious about the other entries from January, they submission thread can be found here!

As a little taste of what can be found in the NewHope Tower, we have a few screenshots!

May the Force be with you Legends, always!

SWG:Legends Staff

Do you want to view the whole list of Galactic Homeshow winners? We've collected them all right here for you. Hopefully someday YOU can make this list!