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    Well met Legends!

    In this week’s Friday feature we will show you the way to acquire one of the Galaxies most coveted ensembles, the legendary Mandalorian Armor! We will be covering all steps of the process, from gaining access to the secluded bunker of the Deathwatch, to the final crafting of the suit! So, don those flamethrowers, secure your jetpack, and we’ll dive in!

    Deathwatch Bunker

    The first order of business in earning your suit of fabled armor is gaining access to the secret bunker housing the secret operations of the Deathwatch, aptly named the Deathwatch Bunker. Due to the secluded nature of these individuals, you cannot just freely walk into their base of operations, you must first speak with a slightly more talkative Mandalorian, Boba Fett.

    You must have access to the deep areas of Jabba’s Palace, which can be granted through performing a few favors for him within his themepark, however if you are not aligned with the Rebellion or the Imperial army, a certain Clone’s questline might grant you faster access. Once you have made it in the inner reaches of the palace, Boba Fett can be found within Jabba’s Throne room watching over the riff raff. If you speak with him he will tell you about the Deathwatch, and grant you access into their lair, citing that they aren’t followers of the Mandalorian way anymore.

    Once you are given Boba Fett’s “blessing”, you are free to access the bunker, and must head offworld, to the forest planet of Endor. Deep in the northwestern reaches of the forest the bunker entrance can be found (endor -4680 4330). At this point you need to steel yourself for the challenges within, as you are unwelcome to the Deathwatch and Black Sun populating this enclosure, and they will do everything in their power to force you out, dead or alive.


    Now that you have access to the bunker, you will need to start your search for the materials needed to craft your armor. There are 4 items total needed for each schematic, a Binary Liquid, a Protective Liquid Coating, an Alum Mineral, and a looted piece of bounty hunter armor.

    Starting with the one item not found within the bunker itself, the bounty hunter armor. This item is the more easily acquired items, and can be found by looting the corpses of freshly slain Black Suns found in locations other than Deathwatch Bunker, or found as loot to treasure maps.

    The other three items are found through various methods throughout the bunker itself. The Binary Liquid and Protective Liquid Coating are found as very rare drops from the Deathwatch Members themselves waiting in the depths of the Bunker. Only those members of the Deathwatch will drop the liquids, so be sure to keep an eye out for anyone wearing Mandalorian armor, they’ll be your targets!. Be ready to set aside some serious time if you are working to gather enough liquids to craft a full suit, as each one of these liquids can take well over an hour per drop!

    The last item needed is the Alum mineral, and this item is the only one found not from a drop from a hostile enemy, but as a quest reward for completing the quest line “The Foreman Quest”. Each completion of this quest awards one Alum mineral, however you may only be rewarded for the quest every 60 hours, so you might consider bringing a few friends along to increase your haul!


    You’ve traversed the bunker, slaughtered the Deathwatch, and looted your supplies, and now you are on the final stretch of claiming your reward!

    In order to craft the schematics for making the armor, you will need to gather a team! Depending on the armor piece you are making you will need the appropriate crafter for the job. If you wish to craft a helmet or bracers you will need to bring along a droid engineer. For the chest piece, boots, or biceps you will need to have a munitions trader in your company. Lastly, if you aim to craft a set of leggings, a belt, or a pair of gloves, bring a domestics trader along.

    The first order of business is to ensure that your crafter has all needed materials to craft their schematic within their inventory, as they will be the ones who will allow access into the crafting rooms themselves. Be sure that you have the appropriate armor piece to what you are crafting, a bounty hunter helm to craft a helmet, a right bicep for a right bicep, etc.

    Once you have gathered your forces and supplies, you will need to head deep within the bunker, to the lowest levels, the mines. Deep within the mines are 3 different crafting rooms, one for each of the different classes of traders. The route to these rooms are full of enemies who wish to see you fail, so be sure to keep your crafters safe! The rooms you are looking for are marked below on the diagram.

    Once your crafter has made it into the room, they will need to hit the access panel outside the room. This will not only grant access to the room, but will start a 5 minute countdown for crafting. Be sure to follow them in quick as reinforcements are sure to show up! Once everyone is in place, your crafter will begin the process of manufacturing the schematics by moving up to the droid and panel found within the room. Your trader will open their inventory and drag and drop one of each of the components onto the droid, and you will receive a prompt at the top of your screen showing what parts are missing. Be warned! The moment the first item is loaded into the droid, reinforcements will arrive!

    Once each part has been loaded into the droid the processing will start. Make sure your trader is ready, as they will get a prompt telling them that they need to activate the next step, which is done by simply clicking on the information panel next to the droid, and clicking accept. This must be done twice, and they must be quick! They will only have 30 seconds to begin the next process!

    Once the process has been completed, everyone in the party will be warped outside of the bunker, opposite the entryway. At this point, the trader will have the schematic for the armor within their inventory. This process must be repeated for each piece you wish to make a schematic for.

    The final step is the easiest one, have your trader head back to their designated crafting area, and make their schematics into the armor! Make sure they are stacking their appropriate assembly skill (armor assembly for munitions, droid crafting for engineer, and clothing assembly for domestics) in order to socket the piece!

    Wrapping Up

    We are glad we have spoken on this topic, as the armor is a very popular item in the galaxy! We hope you the best of luck in your adventures, and wish for the best drop rates!

    Happy Hunting,

    SWG:Legends Staff

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    you must first speak with a slightly more talkative Mandalorian, Boba Fett.
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    This is the way!
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