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In today’s Friday Feature we are talking about one of the most important things to any fledgeling Jedi, the Jedi Cloaks Collections, and all the other collections that make it up! We’re going to go over each part of the collection, noting where to find the items needed, as well as the bonuses each one provides! Grab your lightsaber, steady your mind, and feel the force as it guides you through the challenges ahead!

What are the Jedi Cloaks?

The Jedi Cloaks are the be-all and end-all protection for a Jedi. They can only be acquired by completing each part of the Jedi Cloak Collection, and facing a final set of challenges to prove your worth. There are currently two Cloaks available from this collection, the Shatterpoint Cloak, and the Cloak of Hate. Each offers a different bonus to help Jedi of different focus’ reach the peak of their power. The stats offered can be seen in the image below.

How do I get them?

This is where the aforementioned collections come into play, and there are a number of them. Each of the collections can be broken down into three different categories: Holocron Collection, Lightsaber Crafting, and the Trials.

However, before any other steps take place, you must travel to Tyrena on Corellia, and speak with Matareno, who can be located at /way -5520 -2643 Corellia. He will unlock your ability to progress in this collection. Once you have done this, you are free to begin your journey to becoming a Jedi Master!

Holocrons, what they do and where to find them

One of the hardest yet most necessary collections is the Jedi Artifact Collections. There are two in total, each rewarding you with a different piece granting enhanced power and connection with the force. The Waist Pack Collection offers you the Belt of Bodo Baas, granting a multitude of stats, a 65 slot bag, and half of the 2 piece bonus for the Jedi Cloaks.

The other grants a Jedi the ability to meditate, which grants a buff to any Jedi who takes the time to calm their mind and feel the flow of the force.

These Holocrons are granted as loot drops from various force sensitive NPCs. Some of the most popular include the force sensitive NPCs on Dantooine, as well as the Witches of Dathomir, both Nightsisters and Singing Mountain Clan, who can be found most anywhere on Dathomir. Be warned however, some of these foes may be a tough fight! Be sure to buff up and don’t be afraid to bring a friend!

For the less adventurous of us, these holocrons might also be located on your local vendor, so be sure to bring some credit chips and search the market for a good deal!

Lightsabers, the symbol of the Jedi

There are 3 different styles of lightsaber a Jedi may wield, and likewise, there are 3 different collections for the Jedi to complete in regards to them. Each of the collections gives a schematic for the final generation of lightsaber: The 5th Generation One-Handed, Two-Handed, and Polearm lightsabers. Each has different requirements, however each can be achieved quickly with a bit of help.

The One-Handed lightsaber requires you to kill the Hand of the Emperor, Aralina Silk. She is located deep in the ruins of Restuss, and is no small fry to fight. A secondary concern is that the ruins of Restuss is a hotly contested area, requiring anyone who enters to be Special Forces, so beware of those scoundrels on the opposite faction running about! Once she has been defeated, you are able to acquire a schematic from her remains (be sure you choose to do this via the radial menu!). This schematic allows you to craft the Jinzu Razor, which must be surrendered to a Jedi, one Antaria Wellos found at /way 300 -980 Rori.

The One-Handed saber also requires 10 Jedi Relics, which can be looted from any Force Sensitive Elite NPC, say, the Witches of Dathomir, how convenient!

The Two-Handed and Polearm 5th generation schematics are much easier to acquire in one fell swoop, as all requirements for them are earned within Heroics. You are required to take part in four of the heroics in order to complete your collections, and with a little luck, you will be able to complete all necessary requirements in one pass through!

The Two-Handed lightsaber requires you to defeat the Clenched Fist of Hate, the Fourth boss of the Exar Kun Heroic. Also you must defeat 10 Blackguard Grenadiers, which are supplementary foes found during the first fight of the Lost Star Destroyer heroic.

The Polearm lightsaber requires that you make your way through the Axkva Min Heroic, and defeat Suin Chalo and her minions, the fourth boss. You must also work your way through the Tusken Army heroic, and prove your mettle against 10 Tusken Warlords, who spawn during the second phase of the Tusken assault on the city of Mos Espa.

Heroics are for the strongest, and even the strongest need some help, so be sure to check out Eisley for a forming group, #LFG channel in the discord, or ask your guildies! Guides for each of these Heroics, along with the guide on how to accomplish the pre-quests for each of these heroics can be found here: Heroic Ready

The Final Trials

You’ve made it this far brave Jedi! You’ve collected your artifacts, bested your foes, and fully understood the powers of the force. There is but two final tasks that stand before you, standing resolute in defence against the attacks of Master Bre'ano Umakk, and crushing the Dark Jedi Quillara Adeen in combat.

This will be no simple task, as these encounters will require much preparation, skill, and a little luck. Once you have prepared yourself for the tasks, you will need to make your way to /way -4218 4248 Dantooine, here you will find a Statue amidst the wilderness. Interact with this statue to begin your trial with Master Umakk. Once complete, you must then make your way to /way -2152 7234 Yavin. Sitting on the beach is a similar statue as before, and once you are ready, interact with it to face your fight with Quillara.

Both of these trials will be difficult, and it is highly recommended that you acquire as many buffs as you can beforehand, but be warned, no one may help you with these trials, as they are yours alone to face.

Claiming your Reward

You’ve made it here, to the very end. The cloaks are yours for the taking, and there are no more obstacles in your way. To acquire your newly earned equipment, you must make once last journey to a Force Shrine, and meditate in front of it, giving you time to reflect on your journey. Once done, you will be given the choice of one of the two cloaks shown above. With this selection, you have become that which you have been aiming to be - a true Jedi Master.

Wrapping Up

This concludes your journey into becoming a master of the ways of the force, but it is just a step in the exploration of the galaxy, and the legends within, so be sure to get out there, flaunt your achievements, and hey, maybe even help out a fledgeling padawan on their journey as well.

May the Holocrons be with you!

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