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    The celebration continues,

    The highest party within the galaxy is back! (Highest meaning altitude, not the other meaning!) Join the SWG:Legends Staff and the Wookiee Life Day Elders of Kashyyyk for the biggest festive social gathering this January! We’ll provide the drinks and live music!

    We’ll see you in the trees! No sick bags will be provided.

    There's only one rule for this event! - Be sure to wear all RED clothing or armor. It’s Life Day!

    Event Type: Social
    Event Location: The Great Tree 3rd floor (Kashyyyk, Kachiro) /Waypoint -488 -44
    Event Date: Thursday 16th January
    Event Time: 11.30PM GMT/6.30PM EST/3.30 PM PST
    Event Rule: Wear all RED clothing and/or armor.

    May the force be with you,

    The SWG:Legends Team.
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    Me and Wesley Pipes will be there! Hope there's trivia that I'll totally suck at. Haha...

    We are looking to expand should you want to live in proximity to the coolest mofos in the galaxy. Seriously, pack up that house around a NPC city or in the middle of nowhere and come be social. Holla!
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