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    Ghostly Greetings,

    It's time for a a coffin break. This Friday we are going to be diving into and taking a closer look at some of the BRAND NEW 2019 rewards that Z’ozpheratu has kindly delivered to us for this years Galactic Moon Festival.

    Chilling Countenance

    Have the most daring eyes in the galaxy. You can purchase a set of these tradable glowing eyes for a total of 1500 Galactic Moon Festival Tokens!


    Podium Stands 1 & 2

    Do you have anything you are proud to display within your home? These podium stands are perfect to display any accomplishment you might be proud of. These podium stands are tradable and will set you back only 500 Galactic Moon Festival Tokens!


    Oola’s Libation

    Are you brave enough to take a drink? Drinking this unusual drink may benefit your character in extraordinary ways as you can see from the image below! Not to worry this drink will only set you back 2500 credits. You can also purchase a non-consumable decorative version of this item for 25 Galactic Moon Festival Tokens


    A Damaged Canister Of Inert Blackwing Virus

    Be careful here! This canister should be handled with care. Whoever dares to place it within a structure is brave, put it that way. This canister will cost you only 400 Galactic Moon Festival Tokens!


    Cyborg Operating Table & Repair Table

    A table of this kind could be useful for anyone who frequently uses cyborg equipment, or for someone needing to empty their inventory. This table is also designed to hold up to 50 spooktacular items that you may wish to store. This operating table and repair table will cost you 500 Galactic Moon Festival tokens each and are fully tradable!


    Spooky Galactic Moon Festival Jacket (Schematic)

    Be the trendiest celebrant of the Galactic Moon Festival buy purchasing this single use schematic. This schematic will cost you 1000 Galactic Moon Festival tokens. This schematic will allow you to have numerous colour customization options during the crafting phase. This schematic requires a domestic trader to craft.

    How do you like these new purchasble rewards? Let us know below. Be sure to visit the Dead Forest on Kashyyyk to encounter even more in-game moon festival content.

    The SWG:Legends Team.

    Stay up to date with the latest Friday Feature, which contains useful information to players new and veteran alike!

    View the whole collection RIGHT HERE!
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