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    Hi Legends!

    I hope you are all doing well, a slightly different read for you today.

    I figured this would be nice to share with you all. I found myself being invited to an in-game event by players that host an in-game event every single week within their city of Ghetto Topia, Dantooine. I decided to attend two of these on my own character. (Yes sometimes staff play the game!) What they are hosting is so kind and considerate to fellow community members. I felt like you all needed to know what was happening there, I wasn't sure what to expect when being invited along, but I was shocked to see they had a full performing band on-stage within their cantina. Not to mention a giveaway of a 60 point pet, I was also told they intend to give away other items such as AV-21's in the future.

    Every Sunday a player named Neph Hawke (On Discord known as: Tal) hosts this event that has an emphasis of maintaining a community and forging new friendships. Each Sunday they provide a social friendly in-game setting which allows you to meet other like-minded players that share interests with you. In addition to this they host lotteries and various other in-game activities for you to enjoy.

    As for the future of their events I've been told they want to make them bigger and more elaborate. This means multiple things going on at the same time. (Easier than it sounds, believe me!) The objective of hosting this event on-going is to have a self-suffient community fair. They intend to use the storyteller system to enhance the experience of these events.

    It was so incredible to see what these players have accomplished with this on-going event, so much so that the Event & Social Media Team has decided to sponsor this event going forwards. Suprise @NepheleVG - Keep up the good work! From now on each player could randomly be rewarded with ONE Token Of Gratification as a little incentive.

    If you want to learn more check out their forum thread.

    I did manage to grab one screenshot, I should of zoomed out a bit though! You can't see everyone.

    It was well worth checking out.

    May the force be with you,

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