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    The galaxy is restless..

    The Village of Durbin is located on the Twin World of Talus. Located east of Lake Bondoma. It was once full of life and established settlers. However, in more recent times during the Galactic Civil War the Village of Durbin was overrun by a hoard of sludge panthers. This once beautiful village is now unfortunately referred to as The Lost Village of Durbin..

    Those who did not escape the persisted sludge panther attacks suffered a grizzly demise, as evidenced by the number of skeletons strewn about the now abandoned village. After being overrun, the now derelict village was known as the Lost Village of Durbin. It continued to be dangerously overrun by sludge panthers throughout the Galactic Civil War.

    Explorers have reported sightings of unusual things happening within this once beautiful village. An old hermit remains within the village, he was once known to explore the galaxy and research ancient jewellery.


    Event Objective:

    Assist the old hermit in repelling the attack from sludge panthers which are advancing within the village. Follow his instructions!

    A Giveaway Prize from participating in this live-event (Donated by Community Member: @Gunderson ) will be aviliable to ONE random player who participcates in this event. Reading in-game broadcasts is KEY! Other usual event participation rewards will be aviliable to all players.

    x1 Nightsister Armguard (NO-TRADE SHARED)

    Event Type: RP/PvE
    Event Date: Saturday 19th October
    Event Time: 11PM BST UK/6PM EST USA/3PM PST USA
    Event Start Location: /Waypoint Talus 4202 0 1091

    May the force be with you,

    The SWG:Legends Team.
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    The old hermit he possibly blue and seethrough? Well, we'll be there anyway, fun fun!
    Sentinels of New Dawn [Dawn] of Legends, originally from SWG Europe-Chimaera

    New Dawn, Rori

    M'ak Julos (GL), Sara'h Cene, Pillow McNugget, Pixie Petal & Byggare Bob
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