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    Dum, Dum, Duuum!

    It appears we have a brand new catalogue of sounds that have arrived from another galaxy far away. These sounds are not the usual type you would expect within our galaxy, especially from one of our local cantinas. These are rather unusual creations but my they sure pack a punch! It’s time to gather your friends and guild members up and get into the party mood at the Mos Eisley Cantina!

    Event Type: Social/RP
    Event Date: Saturday 28th September
    Event Time: 10PM BST UK/5PM EDT USA/2PM PDT USA.
    Event Location: Mos Eisley Cantina, Tatooine.

    Be part of the party!

    It’s easy these sounds will be played via our Discord server DJ during the event. (Not through the in-game music) All you have to do is attend the event and join the Discord voice channel named “The Galaxies Beat!” in order to be part of the party. The local bartender will be working up a storm to ensure drinks are flowing throughout the party, this includes Jawa Juice, Blue Milk & much more!

    How Do I Join Discord?

    It's easy! Follow this link & follow the activation instructions!

    The Music Matters

    B3-B0 will be the quiz master and will test party-goers on their knowledge of music by John Williams. He’s assured us that he has a few Tokens Of Gratification laying around for anybody that answers correctly.

    Unexpected Visitors

    Any celebration taking place in such an iconic Star Wars location is bound to draw the attention of some of the well-known figures within our galaxy. Will they be friends or foes?

    Firework Round-up!

    To conclude our party ensure you have those extra fireworks in your inventory, we’ll also bring our collection. Let’s work together to fill the Tatooine sky of colour, hope and prosperity!

    See you there!
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    Very nice event! Too short, but otherwise quite awesome! I dragged a few guildies there of course, and everyone of them was really impressed also. It helps when you have less muppets calling giant pets or are trying to draw attention to them in other silly ways of course - but seeing so many chat bubbles with positive comments, THAT is nice!

    So if the event had gone on a lil longer, and that bartender dude who was assigned for drink duty but barely could reach up to the counter hadn't held on to the Jawa Juice for himself it'd been perfect!

    Thanks again! /salute
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    Wanted to say Thanks for hosting the party!! Was fun and love to see people just hanging out and enjoying the game we all love!! Thanks again!!
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    Yeah, such a fun time. Over 300 peopel in there too!
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