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Thread: *Friday Feature - Exploring The Role: Events & Social Media*

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    Greetings Legends,

    Today, we would like to explore a lesser understood part of our project. One that may not be as widely known, although plenty vocal in the community, and that’s the Event Staff. Here on SWG:Legends, we take pride in our community. Each and every one of you are an important part of our galaxy and just like any other part of Legends staff, the Events Team is always here to support and enhance the Star Wars Galaxies experience!

    So for this Friday Feature, let’s dive right in and learn some of the responsibilities of our Events Team and some of the work that they do.

    Live Events

    Here on Legends, one of the main responsibilities of our Events Team is the careful planning, announcement, execution, and moderation of Live Events as well as the issuing of rewards/badges during/after most Live Events. One such Live Event you may be familiar with is the New And Returning Player Event, which always takes place in the theatre building in Mos Eisley. Live Event types vary. We run PvE, PvP, BM, and various other Social/RP activities using the tools and commands at our disposal. Above all, we strive to make sure we are encouraging gameplay and a community atmosphere, without taking developer time away from any current project(s) whenever possible. As mentioned above, most of our Live Events are carried out using only commands we have available to us in as creative of ways possible. Because of that and the fact Event Staff are NOT Developers, what we can do can be limited at times, and anything not on the ground can be impossible for us to try and do without actual Development time and work being poured in.

    Community Contests

    Much like Live Events, the Events Team is responsible for the planning and running of the many community contests you may have seen (or even entered in) here on Legends, such as The Galactic Homeshow and the many seasonal contests each year. Our Events Team are in charge of issuing the rewards of these contests (items/badges).

    Player Run Events

    The fun and activities don’t stop with just us! Our amazing community is always hosting various events and contests of their very own! Players in the galaxy hosting such events are encouraged to reach out to the Events Team so we can help share your forum threads across our many platforms outside of the game and in our #community-events channel in Legends discord. Providing we have the availability, we can even assist you ingame with your event to help make it as special as it can be whether it’s just sending out messages,helping hand out items, or even just helping moderate your event to make sure everyone is playing nice!

    Thinking of running your own event? Give this thread a read and learn a few of the basics about planning it!

    Social Media & Communication

    Much like on any other functioning team, communication is key! Event Staff are heavily responsible with keeping up with our social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), as well as making announcements on the forums and on discord regarding any Community Contests, Live Events, Player Events, Player Spotlights, or even a new Friday Feature! We have a very large galaxy and sometimes it can be hard to know exactly what’s going on! We’re here to help support the communication and keep you guys in the know!

    Collaboration With Development

    While the Events Team are again, NOT Developers, we do still volunteer our time to assist with the aesthetic/deco progress of Development projects and are always in communication with our Developer and Designer teams on how we go about promoting new and upcoming work whether it be on discord, forums, social media, or our Community Transmissions.

    Skills and Qualities of Events & Social Media Team Members

    Community Support - Although we do NOT approve new accounts or handle any support/dispute tickets, we do work in close communication with our CSR team. This is all volunteer work and unfortunately there may be times where one is unavailable. Events Team can assist with any questions or problems you’re having, and if we can’t help, we’ll make sure we guide you through the steps you can take to get that help, such as showing you how to file a ticket or pass along your issues to our other team members to get the assistance you need.

    Creative Thinking - Whether it be an interesting topic for a Friday Feature or a cool idea for a contest or event concept, Events Team are very much a part of the creative side of this project. We draw up many concepts, drafts, and elaborate guides on the very messages and commands we use to bring our ideas to life for you all to enjoy.

    Problem Solving - One thing that can get lost on people when it comes to our Live Events is mostly the word LIVE! Much like live television, things can always go wrong in the moment, and our team has to be ready to think on their feet, don’t shut down, keep communicating, and keep the show going. We make mistakes too (we’re human lol!).

    Positivity - We try to always bring positive and high energy when engaging with the community while also creating a means for you all to engage with one another in an equally positive way. Our Events & Social Media team are some of the friendliest people you can meet and it’s important to keep a level head and friendly disposition even during a challenging time in an event. We’re all here to have fun!

    We hope this edition of Exploring The Role gave you guys a little insight and understanding as to some of what entails with the Events & Social Media team.

    May the force be with you,

    SWG:Legends Staff

    Stay up to date with the latest Friday Feature, which contains useful information to players new and veteran alike!

    View the whole collection RIGHT HERE!
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    And might i say what a wonderful job you and event staff perform for the community!! The events the Event Staff put on for the community are always a blast and the rewards are welcomed! And a huge thank you for helping with the player events, With out the help and direction you provide, some of us would never be able to complete our event! Amazing job and keep up all the great work team!!! The legends family are glad you are here!!!
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    I appreciate the job y'all do. You handle A holes with a cool head. Ha that's a weird sentence. I'm leaving it.
    Anyway, thank you! You're awesome.

    We are looking to expand should you want to live in proximity to the coolest mofos in the galaxy. Seriously, pack up that house around a NPC city or in the middle of nowhere and come be social. Holla!
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