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    Hello Legends,

    There are many players within the Community with detailed knowledge of the many aspects of this wonderful game we all call home, but have you ever considered using that vast experience and detailed knowledge to help the many other players within the game? We are looking for a few dedicated individuals that are able to contribute some of their free time to potentially become a member of the Community Support team.

    As a Community Support Representative (CSR) you will need to be a community oriented individual who is capable of remaining calm and collected in sometimes challenging situations. You will need to have familiarity with the various in-game systems such as quest lines, basic mechanics of professions, combat mechanics, and collections (space knowledge is a plus). You have to be able to work as part of a team, often without direct supervision, and you need to have the ability to face every case with objectivity and without bias.

    Below are some of the listed responsibilities of a CSR Team Member:

    • Verifying and Approving Member Accounts
    • Answering and Solving Community Support Tickets
    • Restoring lost items
    • Handling issues in-game
    • Troubleshooting technical issues
    • Helping to solve player disputes
    • Discord Moderation
    • Helping the QA/Dev team with testing or identifying bugs
    • Other tasks as identified by leadership

    We do ask that anyone that is interested in applying for this position is able to contribute at least 10 hours of free time per-week to the role. If you are interested in the role then follow the link below to complete an application form and we’ll be in touch with you.

    May the force be with you,

    SWG:Legends Staff
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