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    Greetings, Gardeners. hippies, botanists! Today is your Friday Feature! We’re taking an in-depth look at some of the various flowers available to you in-game and how to obtain them for yourself. If you’re fond of things that bloom, you’ll want to stay tuned!
    All structures traders have access to a small assortment of plant schematics right off the bat. These are the small and large potted plant, style one, as well as a potted tree. To get more schematics, you’ll need to complete some collections!

    The two main collections can be started by finding any of the collectible potted plants in Starports around the galaxy and activating them. Remember, the ones that count for the collection will have an “activate” symbol when you mouse over them. Once you have started this collection, it should appear under the “decorations” tab in your collections. Finishing these collections will give you access to the schematic for a small potted plant, style two and the potted plant schematic!

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    The Festival of Love is about many things, from as simple as chocolate to as complex as the concept of love itself. Among the simpler things is where we’ll be setting our sights! During any Festival of Love, the Ewok vendor can sell you bouquets of flowers. Whether you’re holding them in your hand or using them as a setting in your home, they’re a must-have for any lover of things that grow!

    If you have a Nuna pet and you’re looking to make some use of those rotten eggs, try taking it outside and planting it! You can do this by radial selecting “discard” on the eggs in your inventory while you’re outside. It may take some time, but you should notice a slowly growing wildflower! Take heed, as this flower can die off at any point during its growth. Once it’s finished blooming, you can pick it up can use it as a decoration for your home. This flower is tradeable, so if you don’t have a Nuna of your own, you may be able to buy one from a friend!

    One of the most sought-after (and beautiful!) flowers a player can get their hands on is the Alderaan flora, a gorgeous, sprawling plant originating from the lost planet itself. It can be obtained by completing the Cries of Alderaan questline.

    (COA guide link:

    Life grows, even in a graveyard! On the planet of Lok, Nym is in need of a groundskeeper to clear out some of the weeds from his stronghold. Through this quest, you can get access to up to ten variants of weeds, which can be placed in your home as decoration or used to complete the Weed-whacker collection. If you’re looking for a more noxious and deadly type of flora, look no further! Seek out Ran Machado in Nym’s Stronghold to get started.

    (WW portion of Nym’s Themepark

    The white sinthis is another plant that you can get your hands on during the Galactic Moon Festival. You can purchase it from the event vendor or purchase it from another player!

    SWG:Legends features unique veteran rewards that players can claim for their time spent in-game. Among the rewards are two lovely flowers, which can either be selected from your list of rewards or bought from another player. They are the exotic houseplant and the decorative houseplant!

    If you’re a bounty hunter, you have access to a very special flower, the pressed flower, which is a quest item. In order to obtain this flower, you have to take the quest Faeto’s Job from Boba Fett and progress far enough to get it in your inventory. Once you have it, take it to your house and drop it - you’ll have to start the quest over if you want to complete it. Do so by deleting the quest in your journal and picking it up again.

    The Kachiro wall cornucopia is a cute set of flowers that you can obtain during Life Day by sifting through the presents and gift packs under the Life Day tree in the grove on Kashyyyk. It can also be bought from other players.

    And, on the off-chance that you’re interested in wearing some of these blossoms on your character, there is the Kashyyykian Flower Power Holo-projector, which is only available during Life Day and can be purchased from either respective factional vendor. All you have to do is activate it and watch as your head sprouts a crown of beautiful flowers!

    This article was kindly composed by Sano Moon.
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