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    Main Character Name:


    Forum Handle:


    Discord Handle:


    Player Association:

    I actually play in two, but we can only have one tag in game (guild alliances should be a thing here!)
    My original that started pre-swg in the 90s: RBLSquad (RBL) and POWER (POWER).

    Where in the RL world do you live?


    How long did you play the live version of Star wars galaxies?

    From the first day of NGE until shutdown. I hadn’t heard of the game until I saw a commercial on TV and I instantly signed up.

    What type of work do you do?

    Besides smuggling spice through the Kessel system? Infrastructure Architect, Systems Engineering, Programming, Systems Admin/Hardening.

    What does a typical Star Wars Galaxies day consist of for you?

    Mainly crafting and resource reporting. Lately I have been spending more time improving SWGAide. swgCraft went dark awhile back and it was unknown if they were going to come back so I created a new swgaide website (which I’m still working on improving) to act as the data warehouse for the SWGAide app, thus restoring functionality. Since then craft has came back so I’ve wired the website to swivel seat reports to craft in addition. One of the benefits to aide having its own site is it opens up opportunities for new functionality for the app (having control of both). One of the planned features is server specific schematics rather than just swg vanilla schems that were on live. When finished this will mean Legends for example will be able to view new and modified schems on both the site and the app.

    What was the race and profession of your very first character?

    Human, Commando. Because I like things that go boom, heavy weapons and grenades intrigued me. My crafters all carry rocket launchers too haha.

    What is the one thing you’ve always wanted to be in Star Wars Galaxies that isn’t or is no longer?

    Many will probably groan on this one, but atmospheric flight was just awesome. I realize it was implemented in an “end of times” scenario and opened the doors for griefers and stupidity… however the main thing I liked about it was being able to get up high and soar. It was great for getting screenshots, aerial vids, or just relaxing… for me anyway. So yeah, if I could fly like superman in a jet powered wingsuit, or some sort of flying speeder that would be awesome lol.

    What other hobbies or activities do you take part in, other than playing Star Wars Galaxies?

    Build and fly airplanes, yes the real ones. Ride/race motorcycles, cars, off road vehicles. Love me some trout fishing too. I try to make time to go camping every fall to do some fishing.

    What race and profession is your main character?

    Sullustan, Crafter of course.

    What do you like most about the profession you have chosen for your main character?

    The crafting system in this game has always been one of the best due to its complexity. I enjoy the challenges in collecting resources for that uber part I’m wanting to make.

    What faction is your main character?


    What is your favorite player owned ship?

    I play all factions, but the X-Wing has always been one of my fav multipurpose ships, however I could be biased as the X-wing series was my first Star Wars gaming experience in the 90s. A second would be the Tie Bomber. They both make for excellent side strakes on my YT.

    What is your favorite ground vehicle?

    For just speed the good old swoop. For visuals either the wheel bike or the basilisk war droid.

    How did you choose your main character's name?

    It was literally just a random thought at the time, I even misspelled it lol, but it stuck with me throughout the years as I ended up liking that one the best.

    What is your favorite planet and/or city and why?

    Tatooine. Seeing the inside of Jabba's palace for the first time was a treat, and all of the POI exploring.

    What is your favorite NPC?

    Han Solo of course! and Watto. Who doesn’t like Watto? Lol When he speaks in his shop it reminds me of the prequels, or rather of that time period. My son was pretty young at the time and we watched the prequels together… so those are the memories things like that bring for me.

    What are the most credits you have ever spent on purchasing a single item for one of your characters?

    I think I spent 50m once on a heroism set.

    What do you like best about SWG Legends?

    Other than the fact they have brought SWG back? Haha In all seriousness they run it better than SOE did IMO. I mean if one didn’t know, this could easily be mistaken for being run by a studio. There is a great community with Legends also, have met so many awesome folks on here.

    Describe your best experience playing Star Wars Galaxies.

    Years ago, my very first time at getting Master Pilot. It was sooo hard back then because I was clueless and didn’t fully understand ship loadouts, but I did manage to finally solo it and it felt great. Of course now having somewhat of a clue it’s pretty easy but LOL

    What is your favorite questline and/or place within Star Wars Galaxies and why?

    Legacy Quest on naboo… haha just kidding. I actually really enjoy the first parts of Legacy on Tat, having grown up with the original trilogy the first stages of Legacy brings back those memories. The Hero of Tatooine quests are fun too. Another favorite are the hunting quests on Kashyyyk.

    Thank you very much for answering our questions and sharing a little bit about yourself this month!

    If you're interested in reading about some of our other community members, be sure to check out the link here and view the whole collection!
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    Woot!! Nice interview! WTG Brother!!
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    Yet another very nice Player Spotlight! I really wish more of todays players were interested in other players background and such, but these spotlights have so few comments always - when some players, like Mr-Miagi who is working to improve situation for all crafting nerds, for sure deserve more /hi5's!

    Okee so i'm more a happy go lucky trial & error crafter than a number-cruncher myself, and not using SWGAide. but i've heard so much good about it always - keep up the good work Mr-Miagi! And drive/fly safely too btw, jee the many ways you transport yourself!
    Sentinels of New Dawn [Dawn] of Legends, originally from SWG Europe-Chimaera

    New Dawn, Rori

    M'ak Julos (GL), Sara'h Cene, Pillow McNugget, Pixie Petal & Byggare Bob
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