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    Understanding The Hero of Tatooine.

    Greetings Legends,

    This week one of our contributors called @Keylab gives us a closer look at the Hero of Tatooine quest! Keep reading to learn more!

    One of the older questlines that is still around from the early days of Star Wars Galaxies is the Hero of Tatooine questline. A questline that brings out the best in each and everyone of us.

    And the best part? Well, you bascially run across it while doing your Legacy Quest.

    But what exactly is the Hero of Tatooine? Well it is a questline that consists of 5 tasks the player has to complete. The storyline in itself is quite interesting and the reward back then was really good and still can help you a bit if you don't have a heroic set yet.

    But let's start at the beginning. While doing the Legacy questline you will accept a task called Squill Diving which brings you to a squill infested cave on Tatooine. The cave is located between Bestine and Mos Entha at the coordinates /way 48 -98.

    At the bottom of the cave you'll find an old hermit. Talk to him and he'll send you off on an adventure all across Tatooine.

    Living among all those nasty squills, only a true hero can survive.

    First you have to convince him that you really have it in you to become a hero of Tatooine and so he will give you a small task.

    Once you complete the small task he gave you, the hermit will tell you about all the things that makes a hero of Tatooine.

    You have to gain 4 marks as rewards for good deeds done and then return to him to show him that you are worthy to become a hero.

    The 4 marks are the Mark of Altruism, the Mark of Honor, the Mark of Courage and the Mark of Intellect. All the quests that will give you that mark will also give you a badge and once you have all 4 badges and talked to the hermit, you'll recieve a 5th one called the Hero of Tatooine badge.

    The Mark of Altruism:

    To attain the Mark of Altruism, you must selflessly help a soul in need. Somewhere, in the harsh desert heat, a farmer desperately cried need of a hero.“

    You have to travel to a location east of Mos Taike. In the area around waypoint 7020, 2422 you will find a moisture farmer. The difficulty is that the farmer is not always there, he despawns once someone talked to him and has a respawn timer of 12 hours. He will send you on a quest to rescue his family from Sennex pirates.

    As a side note, the shortest way is not always the right one. Do not pay the ransom and offer your help instead.

    You will find the Sennex in a cave the farmer sends you to. Go down to the bottom and rescue the wife and daughter of the farmer. Be careful and don't walk away too far or you'll fail the mission. Stay within 10 meters and see to it that they are not killed by the Sennex. Once outside the cave, the wife will give you the Mark of Altruism. Alongside with the mark you'll also recive the badge called The Mark of Altruism.

    The Mark of Honor:

    Somewhere on this desery planet, strife between ranchers and pirates rages on. Seek them out, choose the correct path, and the Mark of Honor shall be bestowed upon you.

    You'll find your first hint for this quest at the bottom of a pirate bunker close to Mos Eisley, at /way 5672 -5736.

    At a random rate within one hour a pirate leader will show up at the bottom of the bunker. Once you have given him a good thrashing (1/3 of his health) stop and talk to him using your radial menu.

    In exchange for his life he will give you the location of a ranch his pirates are going to loot.

    Go there, see if you can help.

    Once there, you will find that the rancher's wife has trapped the pirates in the basement.

    Talk to the pirate and find out what they are up to. Let the rancher's wife know that the pirates are trying to break out.

    Once the rancher returns home you'll recieve the Mark of Honor and the badge that goes with it.

    The Mark of Courage:

    You will gain the Mark of Courage by defeating a ferocious beast bent on terrorizing the world. Speak with the people of the cities of Tatooine. Perhaps they know of such a beast.

    You can look for the beast the hermit told you about west of Mos Espa at /way -5825 1500 or /way -5735 2008. The creature you are looking for is a Wild Bladeback Boar. Kill and loot it and you'll recieve the Mark of Courage and your badge to let everyone know of your courage.

    The Mark of Intellect:

    In order to attain the Mark of Intellect, you must find one in need of your wisdom. Perhaps a bounty hunter needs assistance or a puzzle needs to be solved somewhere in the galaxy. I beseech you to keep an eye out while traveling to the cities of Tatooine. You'll find what you are looking for there.

    Go searching for the bounty hunter Tearfin. She usually can be found outside the starports on Tatooine. She will be surrounded by 5 smugglers. Once you find her, talk to her and help her solve her case.

    By interrogating all of the smugglers you should help Tearfin in finding her mark, but be careful: A wrong answer and they'll go their ways and you'll have to wait for another opportunity.

    If you successfully helped her to identify her mark, she'll give you the Mark of Intellect as a reward. Also, you'll recieve a badge for completing this task.

    The Mark of the Hero

    With the 4 marks that bear witness to all the good deeds you have completed, return to the hermit and tell him all about it. Show him the marks you have earned.

    He will reward you with the mark of a true hero: A ring that, which when equipped can resurrect you instantly without going to a cloner and additionally rewards you with the Hero of Tatooine badge.

    Special thanks to our contributor @Keylab for writing this this article.

    Stay up to date with the latest Friday Feature, which contains useful information to players new and veteran alike!

    View the whole collection RIGHT HERE!
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    Good stuff, good ol' questing rocks! Thank you Keylab and RoarAsh!
    Sentinels of New Dawn [Dawn] of Legends, originally from SWG Europe-Chimaera

    New Dawn, Rori

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    Having just completed this on my medic I can attest this guide is top notch. One thing I might add is to make sure you have plenty of room in your inventory to accept the marks - otherwise you have to go back to the hermit to receive it. Also, if you are in a group everyone has to converse with the npcs at the same time or they will reset and go on cool down.
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    Now, if only I could put this ring on one of my other fingers not used up by the heroic rings! Being a person who never played on Live I was intrigued when Keylab told me he'd be doing a Friday feature about some old stuff. I'd love this ability so I can pop back alive and pretend to everyone i didn't really die after all... And yeah I remember seeing this in the legacy quest, Maybe a future task for me to do.
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