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    One of the draws SWG has is that there are so many different things to do. Here is one of those things;

    There are 4 collectors in game that were introduced as part of the Chapter 7 update on Live. Each collector gives you access to several different collections that grant various rewards, titles, and /or badges.

    To learn more in game you need to talk to A Collector located in Mos Eisley, Tatooine (/wp 3265, -4818). She will grant you collection quests as an introduction to the collection system.

    Comlink Component Collection - the Collecting Comlink Pieces Collection
    Datapad Component Collection - the Collecting Datapad Pieces Collection
    Tusken Quota - the Publish Gift Tusken Kill Quota Collection

    After you complete these 3 collections she will grant you access to other collections and direct you to 3 other collectors in the galaxy that grant different collections:
    Kakirk (Nexus Collector) on Dathomir, Aurilia - (/wp 5356 -4138) inside a building
    Breac Slaus on Yavin IV, Mining Outpost - (/wp -344 4811)
    Jener Mich on Endor, Research Outpost - (/wp 3277 -3498)

    Each collector grants access to up to two collections at a time. Listed below is each collector and the collections they grant.

    A Collector
    Afarathu Bully
    Dalyrake Destroyer
    Gulginaw Executioner
    Kreetle Killer
    Rill Wrecker
    Steaming Rock Collection
    Tabage Terrorizer
    Womprat Slayer

    Kakirk (Nexus Collector)
    Destroyer of the Kubaza Beetle
    Champion Krayt Killer
    Graul Gasher
    Champion Rancor Killer
    Gaping Spider Slayer
    Bubbling Rock Collection
    Unknown Astromech

    Breac Slaus
    Angler Exterminator
    Dispatcher of the Perlek
    Glowing Rock Collection
    Langlatch Liquidator
    Mamien Maimer
    Stintaril Suppressor
    Vesp Hunter
    Whisper Bird Butcher
    Endangered Durni Photo Op (Only one not part of 2 collection limit)

    Jener Mich
    Burning Rock Collection
    Hanadak Slasher
    Mantigrue Marauder
    Merek Marauder
    Queller of the Quenker
    Remmer Repressor
    Voritor Killer

    If you hit shift+ctrl+ c (the default keybind), a window will pop up that shows all your collections and badges. There is also a box you can check in your options that will show you who got the server first of certain collections.

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    Love it! Thanks for the guide! =)
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    Does anyone happen to know where to find Alpha Veermoks?

    I've only found a few over my whole career, been looking all over the Naboo/the Internet and updating SWG Wiki.
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