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Thread: *A Mystery In The Making*

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    Thats actually pretty funny how Battlefront 2 and Legends happen to be making a map of the same planet. Fantastic job.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rabiator View Post
    Should not happen here @LaraNotsil , because the system we run is splitted into the engine itself (src) in C++
    and the content (dsrc) tables
    We touch only the (dsrc) for a new planet and content and not the enigine itself ...
    As I heard, Rogue One EMU had troubles with database exactly, not with engine.

    Look at the [typically] restart, that we had today:


    ElourToday at 9:01 AM
    @everyone restart in one hour
    ElourToday at 10:31 AM
    @everyone online. a few hotfixes went live with this restart, check out notes here:
    ReignToday at 11:42 AM
    @everyone We will be restarting the following areas in 5 minutes:

    Kor Vella, Corellia
    Dearic, Talus
    Mos Espa, Tatooine
    Bestine, Tatooine

    ReignToday at 12:06 PM
    @everyone We are still experiencing issues with these zones, and as a result will be doing planetwide restarts. We will be taking Talus offline first in 5 minutes for a restart. Sorry for the trouble.
    ReignToday at 12:25 PM
    @everyone It appears the hamsters are still not playing nice, and unfortunately we will have to initiate a complete server restart in 15 minutes. We apologize for the inconvenience.
    ReignToday at 1:07 PM
    @everyone The hamsters have come to an agreement. We are back online. Thank you so much for your patience.
    Maybe we should deal with it before any Bespins and Felucias?
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    on the first glance that may sound logical what you say .... on the second it is not
    While there are some Dev's who are very good a coding there are some that are not (like me, because the last time i realy programmed is 10 years ago)
    Some are good at create new content and thats what they do, while others work on the code itself ....
    -B A S T E L- Weapon Smith

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