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    These kits are non junk dealer loot kits. You get the components from killing npcs. To use the kits, you need to add the components listed. When the last component is added, the kit creates an item based on the kit type. It is recommended that you do not store the components in the kit until they all are collected. If you have all the items in the kit and nothing happens, take everything out and put them back in the order listed.

    Fireworks Kit

    Fireworks kit makes Type 1 Firework with 5 uses in one package

    Fireworks Packager requires:
    -Dud Firework (grey)
    -Firework Casing
    -Packaged Flash Powder

    Data Storage Units

    A Data Storage Unit is an item obtained by completing a loot kit(s) or found in Chests or Coal Bins in the Endor Death Watch Bunker.To complete this loot kit, you need to place a Datadisk into a Datapad (Empty). When everything is assembled, you will receive a random Data Storage Unit. It is important to note that the items must be added into the Datadisk Repair Kit and Datapad Housing in the order listed above for the Datadisk and Datapad (Empty) to be completed.

    Datadisks can also be looted from NPCs

    Datadisk Repair Kit requires:
    -Corrupt Datadisk
    -Recovery Software
    -Magnetic Burner
    -Magnetic Reader

    Datapad (Empty)

    Datapad Housing requires:
    -Datapad (common)
    -Datapad Backlight
    -Datapad Battery
    -Datapad Connectors

    When radialed in the player's inventory, the Data Storage Unit can be read to discover various stories and informations. Here are a few:

    A Letter
    An Encrypted Document
    Barve Hunt (Chapter 1)
    Barve Hunt (Chapter 2)
    Barve Hunt (Chapter 3)
    Blue Harvest (Chapter 1)
    Essential Cooking Skills

    Flail Manifesto - Part 125, Section C, Paragraphs 2B - 2D
    Jokes for All
    Journal of Dr. Kaldaar
    RE: Meatlump Research…

    Memo from Kirkland, B.
    Memo from Witter, J.
    Outbound Communication
    Outbound Communication (2)
    Secure Communication

    Printing Kits

    Printing Kits come in two varieties:

    Viewscreen Printer requires:
    -Broken Hand-Held viewscreen (Grey)
    -Paint Cartridge
    -Blank Canvas
    -Viewscreen technical reader
    -Paint Disperser unit

    Picture Printer requires:
    -Broken Hand-Held viewscreen (Tan)
    -Paint Cartridge
    -Blank Canvas
    -Paint Dispersal Unit

    The following posters are randomly created;

    Viewscreen Printer:

    Coronet Skyscraper Blueprint

    Cargo Port Blueprint (Also Loot)

    Picture Printer:
    Double Helix

    Droid In Contrast

    Cargo Port Blueprint (Also Loot)

    Bio-Engineer (Also Loot)

    Stay up to date with the latest Friday Feature, which contains useful information to players new and veteran alike!
    View the whole collection:*
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    Awesome! I've been looking for this info for quite a while with no results. Thanks for posting!
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    Great job putting this together. It looks great!
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    Last time I checked, viewscreen printer does not work.
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    I really like those Data Storage Units, gotten from kits, found in DWB, and so on, with their odd information or short stories...well, really small parts of stories i guess… I find them interesting, so i thought i'd collect them to create a library, to which players could go to examine and read them.

    Buuuuuut…..of course you can only read them if they're in your inventory…. Oh well, so not very well thought through, - good plan, right?

    M'ak, proud owner of a ton of Data Storage Units noone else can enjoy.
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    New Dawn, Rori

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    One viwscreen printer worked for me. After the fist, no other finished viewscreen printer is producing any paintings (thankfully also not disappearing). I got a coronet skyscraper at of the that first one that worked.
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