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    Okie-Day, Nah-na-na-nah.

    Celebrating May 4th brings out all kinds of sentient beings that reside within our galaxy, it also attracts some of the big name celebrities that live amongst us, the stars of Star Wars! This May 4th we are giving you a chance to party with iconic Star Wars characters that span across all eras of Star Wars! These characters include: Boba Fett, Darth Vader, Finn, Rey & many more! It’s time to kickback and party!

    Come alone, or attend with friends. The Hyperspace Hoopla is a great way to celebrate all of your favorite things Star Wars! Tell players & SWG:Legends Staff in attendance your favorite Star Wars/Star Wars Galaxies memories and moments!

    IMPORTANT: You must join the SWG:Legends Discord > General Voice Channel to listen to the live DJ/Host! C-3PO is our host! (That’s right we will have a proper party DJ!)

    You will need access to Jabba's Palace

    The Spotlights on you!

    A very well known Twi’lek, named Oola has been permitted to seek new and upcoming talent. It has been rumored that she’ll be attending the Hyperspace Hoopa herself! If you see her observing the dance floor then perhaps you should and grab her attention by performing a musical /flourish or performing a mesmerizing entertainer performance effect. If you catch her sharp eye, then perhaps she’ll have a way of rewarding you for entertaining the crowds?

    C-3P0 Says!

    C-3P0 wants to have some fun with you! He is determined to see you work if you want to win a prize. He has prepared some in-game emotes which he will instruct you to do, the player that repeats these emotes back to him the fastest will be crowned the ‘C-3P0 Says’ Winner and win a collection item of choice.

    Star Wars Galaxies Trivia

    Do you think you know everything about Star Wars Galaxies? Prove it! C-3P0 wants you to prove all the odds. (Only able to win once for the Trivia questions this time, giving everyone in attendance a chance)

    Appearance matters!

    Head to your local tailor, we want to see your best in-game rendition of a Star Wars character by dressing your character in a Cosplay outfit! Will you dress as an old Luke Skywalker? Greedo on your Rodian character? Zam Wessel in full Mabari armor? The choice lays with you. Han Solo will make his opinion on your style choices known during the celebration. Han Solo & Chewbacca always have a way of making an entrance..


    To conclude directly outside of Jabba’s Palace witness one of the biggest Firework shows we’ve ever hosted. Let’s show our love for Star Wars & SWG:Legends by igniting the Tatooinian skies full of hope and colour.

    Event Type: Social
    Event Location: Jabba’s Palace, Tatooine.
    Event Times/Date: Saturday May 4th
    Event 1: 3PM BST UK/11AM EST USA/8AM PST USA
    Event 2: 12AM BST/7PM EST USA/4PM PST USA

    We hope to see you in attendance.

    The SWG:Legends Team.
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