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Thread: April 2019 Galactic Homeshow Winner!

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    Greetings, Legends!

    As we cap off April's Galactic Homeshow contest, we want to truly thank all of you who were able to enter your homes and invite us to behold some of your creations. It's always such an inspiring experience to enjoy the culmination of bright ideas, time, and patience put in that gives your homes life. Yet again, many of our entries stepped up to the plate and presented some truly exceptional concepts and designs with your decor, and yet again we're left with the sometimes impossible task to select only one. We strongly encourage you guys to not give up and keep entering and keep continuing to create the most wonderful places to visit each month.

    This month, we want to congratulate tirobins for their incredibly cozy, unique, and finely detailed Hunter's Lodge concept (located at /way naboo 7074 4940).

    Please get in touch with RoarAsh, Tallia, or Walmahrt for details on receiving your prize!

    Please also check the following link as well if you would like to visit all of the other entries in this month's contest!

    Now without further adieu, some of the screenshots of our winning entry for the month. We hope you all take the time to visit in person, as often with our winning entries, the pictures just don't do it justice.

    Thank you all again for the wonderful homeshow memories this month. We can't wait to see you back in May!

    May the force be with you,

    SWG:Legends Staff

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    Wow. Just wow. Most impressive. The creativity that this game allows never ceases to amaze me. Well done!
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