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    Hello, Legends!

    For our Friday Feature today, we're going to learn about acquiring a very useful and accessible cybernetic attachment for a Trader. We're going to explore what A Cybernetic Deconstruction Arm is, why it's useful, how we obtain it, and just as importantly, where and how you go about installing this very helpful cybernetic!

    What is A Cybernetic Deconstruction Arm?

    The Cybernetic Deconstruction Arm is a cybernetic attachment you apply to your right arm. Applying it to your arm removes the ability to apply a bracer or bicep (unless for appearance purpose only) over the attachment. This arm comes with a couple of really useful Trader related stat increases that enhance your character upon installing your cybernetic. Pictured below is our Cybernetic Deconstruction Arm!

    Why is A Cybernetic Deconstruction Arm so useful?

    This cybernetic arm comes with 1 base stat modifier (+110 Luck) and 1 exotic stat modifier (+5 Reverse Engineering Chance). Both of these increases benefit a Trader, but both don't have to be beneficial to be useful. If you're a trader who plans on doing any reverse engineering whatsoever, this arm is extremely invaluable with using exotic attachments and powerups to maximize your Reverse Engineering Chance to make life turning bits and creating powerups of your own a lot easier and as potent as possible. Along with helping your reverse engineering, the "RE Arm" comes with 110 luck that can also benefit your reverse engineering. The extra luck can help you with all of your overall crafting, which makes this arm a must for your class if you plan on seriously tackling either aspects of the profession.

    How do I obtain A Cybernetic Deconstruction Arm?

    Obtaining your "RE Arm" is done through the "High Quality Resource Collection" (shown above). To activate the collection, you must begin by surveying and hand sampling resources that are in the categories for the collection (Mineral, Chemical, Flora, Gas, Water, and Geothermal). Periodically during your hand sampling sessions, you'll be given a specific message requiring you to select 1 of 3 selections to give you credit towards the section of the collection which you're sampling for to complete. Pictured below is the selection you want to keep an eye out for and the selection highlighted you need to click to get credit for the collection.

    *NOTE* Make sure you have the necessary action before clicking the selection!

    Each category of resources requires 5 high purity samples to complete it. Finding high purity samples of each of the 6 different resource types will complete the collection and you will be rewarded with your Cybernetic Deconstruction Arm.

    Where/How do I attach my Cybernetic Deconstruction Arm?

    The Medical Centers in the following locations each have a second floor where you can find a Cybernetic Specialist NPC that you can speak to who will happily install your new cybernetic arm (or any other cybernetic attachments you may have) for a small fee.

    /way corellia -116 -4440 (Coronet)
    /way tatooine 1296 3289 (Mos Entha)
    /way naboo -4997 4145 (Theed)

    Very special thanks to Napyet for putting together this short video tutorial on how to help you acquire your Cybernetic Deconstruction Arm!

    This wraps up our Friday Feature on the Cybernetic Deconstruction Arm! Now time to enjoy your new limb with pride. Don't you feel so complete now??

    May The Force Be With You,

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