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Thread: SWG Legends: Player Spotlight: M'ak Julos

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    Main Character Name:
    M’ak Julos

    Forum Handle:

    Discord Handle:
    M’ak #0351

    Player Association:

    Sentinels of New Dawn [Dawn]

    Where in the RL world do you live?
    In a galaxy not so far away i’m in Sweden (we’re the ones with ABBA, IKEA, smorgasbord - NOT cheese with holes in or quality watches)

    How long did you play the live version of Star wars galaxies?
    I missed out on a couple months in the beginning but stayed until the bitter end. Or rather the day before it, i just couldn’t be there and see everything go...

    What type of work do you do?
    I work for a small independent company which builds and modifies elevators, where i’m the logistics manager (fancy way of describing me deciding in what order my workmate will deliver material to building sites with our small truck) and workshop foreman (schmancy title for the guy who stays late to weld up brackets which our project managers forgot to order). It’s a fun and varying job really, mixing paperwork and keeping track of stock with being out on the floor constructing stuff. And, being something of a “liaison officer” at work i get to tell anyone above or below off if they deserve it, wheeee!

    What does a typical Star Wars Galaxies day consist of for you?

    I log 3 chars in - usually my entertainer for buffs - very handy but rhymes poorly with my opinion that it’s a good thing to be out making Mos Eisley and other cities busy and active...double standards there hmm… Then my armorsmith to check how sales has gone overnight, and M’ak to check in on guild matters/mailbox. Starting up TeamSpeak too ofc, and with a bit of luck i have a couple european buddies in there i chat some with. We’re both euros and americans in Dawn, the latter obviously come online later, i usually stay online late enough to meet and greet at least some if they pop online - and on weekends i’ll happily stay up until early morning as long as there’s something going on. Mixed time-zones and a total absence of desperate recruiting - in combination with a quite casual and laidback general attitude - makes it quite random who and how many are online though, so we don’t plan much ahead really lol. Anyway, if not many are on i might pop over and defend the glorious empires honor in Bestine invasion, or if vendor has too few sets on it i’ll craft a couple sets of armor to throw onto it. Later we might have enough on to start something up, like heroics or perhaps DWB crafting runs, but chances are great that it ends up being “just” a relaxed evening with ppl chit-chatting while fiddling with whatever in game.

    What was the race and profession of your very first character?

    Zabrak ofc, the original M’ak was Marksman/Scout/Medic, and later turned into Bounty Hunter - which is the obvious choice for a totally useless PvP’er and duelist, right? No. But it is a very cool and iconic prof, after NGE happened M’ak was also dabbling with Officer though.

    What is the one thing you’ve always wanted to be in Star Wars Galaxies that isn’t or is no longer?
    I’m not sure what to answer really - i like driving tanks in games, can i have a tank maybe? Ok, maybe tomorrow then… Seriously though, there is no one special thing i’m missing really i think, nothing really important i feel we’re missing out on. Boring answer i know, but you could just start working on that tank! I’m sure we’ll see many great small things implemented - like that old Composite Camo kit from TCG, yesss plz - and bigger things too, i saw something about a whole new planet possibly being added at some point which would be nothing short of awesome, so i think we’ll be fine even if can’t come up with some amazing idea here and now.

    I think there are probably a ton of small things i would prefer have still in game, like that old way of showing badges when examined.

    What other hobbies or activities do you take part in, other than playing Star Wars Galaxies?

    When would i have time for that, i have a game to play? Well,i used to fix up cars, old american cars are a big thing here in Sweden, and muscle cars were preferred - Mustangs has always been favourites. I still enjoy going to car shows, and watching motorsports of course - having visited guildies over in the states a few times i hope i’ll sometime be able to combine such a trip with watching a NASCAR race irl!

    What race and profession is your main character?
    M’ak is as M’ak should be Zabrak, and Officer.

    What do you like the most about the profession you have chosen for your main character?

    I like Officer very much, it’s so useful for group while also providing great dps without being a glass-cannon. I’m sure it’s not the best solo prof, which is of no importance to me at all since i like doing stuff in group - it’s really why i play even. Somehow i never pick profs like Commando or Jedi who do great on their own. Jedi btw - i’ve never had a Jedi character….yes, i’m special! Or just weird.

    What faction is your main character?
    Imperial like any law abiding citizen should be...muhahahahaa!

    What is your favorite player owned ship?

    In space i’m like a fish on land, i’m sure there are crappier pilots but there cannot be many of them. I was Freelancer Ace in live but that was mainly because i had awesome helpful guildies back then too - the Vaksai was cool though, the ultimate Space Hot Rod.

    What is your favorite ground vehicle?
    I like the Flare-S swoop even if i haven’t finished that part of QZ just yet to get it, but even if it’s like choosing an SUV before a Koenigsegg i must choose the Desert Skiff, which takes you and your group safe and sound across lava or whatever. I’d not mind a massive variation of different pod racers in game though!

    How did you choose your main character's name?
    Oh...long story...starting with always overcooking macaroni when gaming...ending with thinking that since there is the word “immaculate” there must also be the word “immaculous”, i’m swedish, what to expect.. Later on i learnt there isn’t, but if there was “i’m mak julos” would’ve been a better game of words!

    What is your favorite planet and/or city and why?
    I love the green planets, and Rori the most after living there for so long. Naboo with its plains and deep forests, and ofc those spooky eerie sound effects isn’t far behind though.

    Together we’ve managed to once again create New Dawn on Rori, in just about same location as in live, near the Hyperdrive Research Facility POI. Good to be back home.

    What is your favorite NPC?

    TK-555. We should hang out and eat cheez doodles.

    What are the most credits you have ever spent on purchasing a single item for one of your characters?
    Here in Legends i bought a Malosaur for my alt and paid 150mill. And the thing hates groups, oh well… Been thinking about paying up even more for paintings i’ve missed out on here in Legends, but not gotten to that point yet.

    What do you like best about SWG Legends?
    It’s SWG again, the best ever MMORPG, now free to play and shared with us by a team of very dedicated ppl who’s not even getting paid for it. It’s just, best.

    Must love all the events we get served too, like that speederbike race on Endor, the Pet arena fights which are fun even if you’re not into BM much yourself, and so on. Those Gratification Tokens are a brilliant idea too, really gives extra incentive to attend. It cannot be said too many times - Legends are doing a great job!

    Describe your best experience playing Star Wars Galaxies.
    There are so many best experiences, creating memories forever etched in my mind, like getting killed by squills outside Anchorhead so my first pieces of composite armor bought 2 mins earlier and carried in my backpack had decayed even before i had worn it, or (an actual all good experience lol) how i loved preparing on friday when i got home from work - coke and snacks irl, buying camps and getting buffed up in starport ingame - and then head out into the Naboo wilderness to hunt for Avian meat. And actually even greater experiences like meeting awesome people in game who become friends you end up crossing oceans to visit. Gah, got a bit mushy there hmm…

    In the beginning i spent so much time just hunting, and selling hide and meat to chefs, doctors and other crafters, i loved living the game that way...had no time for that force mumbo jumbo...

    What is your favorite questline and/or place within Star Wars Galaxies and why?
    Jee these questions - how am i to name just one? I can’t, but Secrets of the Syrens is a good one for sure, adapted into Legends in a very nice way. I like the whole Bestine election thing too, i bet there are so many missing out on this star warsy and iconic event. I like QZ also, and…i could go on. I won’t though, i bet i exceeded some word limit already anyway, making eyes bleed on the poor souls who made it all the way through like it’s been a Dawn guildmail you’ve been reading!
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    WOW, thats my Guildleader ----allso known as the "Glorious Doodle"
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    Nice M'ak! Cya ingame
    Mayor of Mos Quito - Tatooine

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    "Tur man har mys-mössan me sig när man e så ensam o olycklig ute i obygden"

    Hahaha, you magnificent hero!
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    I had to run that through a translator but it's very funny!
    Thanks for sharing your SWG experiences and memories. You seem like an interesting fellow, hope to see you around in-game!
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