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Thread: *Friday Feature - Exploring Battlefields*

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    In this week's Friday feature we will be exploring Battlefields and the command used to queue for them. To be able to use the command you must be declared a faction, unfortunately Civilians are unable to participate.

    There are multiple ways to execute this command:
    Commands Window > Other Tab > Double click Battlefield
    Drag and Drop command onto Toolbar
    Slash command /battle

    Below is a screenshot of the the Battlefield command:

    Joining a Queue:

    After executing the battlefield command a new window will pop up for you to choose which battlefield to queue for. Simply double click on the one you wish to join. For more information about each specific battlefield click here

    "Reviewing Queue" This status will always be left blank
    During the "Reviewing Queue" stage, participants are free to enter into the Battlefield queue. The next stage will begin when both and teams have at least four members queued for them with 16v16 being the max. (Note: you can no longer queue for these from multiple characters on the same account at the same time)
    "Inviting Participants" lasts for two minutes
    When the Battlefield is "Inviting Participants" every person who has joined a Battlefield Queue is sent a pop-up window asking them if they are ready to travel to the Battlefield. You have two minutes to accept, its best not to hit escape or be AFK while queued.
    "Battle Engaged" lasts for up to 15 minutes
    If a Battlefield shows "Battle Engaged" then two teams are currently fighting in the instanced Battlefield. No other players can join in with the fight until the battle has ended, but they can continue to join in the queue.


    Win or lose participants are rewarded for participating. Winners will receive 10 tokens and those who lost will receive four tokens once the battle has ended. These tokens can be placed in your Box of Achievements and used at the Battlefield Vendors located below.

    Staff Sergeant Levardio - Rebel - located in Rori Rebel Outpost (/wp 3664 -6427)
    List of Rebel Rewards can be viewed here
    Staff Sergeant Rothax - Imperial -located at Talus Imperial Outpost (/wp -2230 2221)
    List of Imperial Rewards can be viewed here

    See you on the Battlefield!
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    lovely! I really forgot about BG
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