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    Hello Legends,

    In this week’s Friday Feature, we delve into learning about the Chu-Gon Dar Cube and some of what you can use this mysterious device to create. Some of those creations include home furnishings, weapons, and even a few useful buff items! Today we’re going to go over the basics - namely how to acquire your Chu-Gon Dar Cube, and a few of the recipes that might entice you to get out to Mustafar and start hunting down some glowing treasure!

    (Mensix Mining Facility)

    Acquiring Your Chu-Gon Dar Cube:

    The first step is getting to the Mensix Mining Facility on the planet Mustafar!

    Once you have arrived to Mensix, head inside to /way 435 -1215 and speak to an NPC by the name of Ithes Olok, who will offer you your quest.

    (Ithes Onok)

    Symbols Of Chu-Gon Dar:

    Once you have started the quest, your next trip will be to locate the ruins, which are located at /way 326 -2975.

    Upon arriving at the ruins, you are then tasked to locate and radial 3 tablets in the area, which are at the following locations:

    /way mustafar 336 -2981 Chu-Gon Tablet #1
    /way mustafar 329 -3023 Chu-Gon Tablet #2
    /way mustafar 262 -3021 Chu-Gon Tablet #3

    Your final task of the quest is simply to head back to Ithes Olok back at the Mensix Mining Facility and give him your notes.

    Once you’ve given him your notes, he will give you your Chu-Gon Dar Cube and some glowing items to give it a test!

    (Chu-Gon Dar Cube)

    Using Your Chu-Gon Dar Cube:

    You have your own Chu-Gon Dar Cube! Now what? Well now the fun begins at finding out the ingredients to make your desired items from the cube.

    The Chu-Gon Dar Cube requires 3 glowing items to be used to create a given item. That given item is entirely dependent on what glowing items you use, and there are MANY combinations.

    There are 3 types of tradable Glowing Items which can be used in the Chu-Gon Dar Cube:

    Faintly Glowing (Most common)
    Dimly Glowing (Lesser common)
    Warmly Glowing (Least common)

    Acquiring some of these specific glowing items can be tricky and potentially a tedious process, but some of the rewards you can attain through your Chu-Gon Dar Cube using some of these glowing item combinations can be very useful and/or very valuable.

    Let’s go over a few of the recipes (You can find all of the recipes by visiting one of the following links: or ).

    Styptic Powder (v3) +100 Luck, 20 Uses, 30 minutes per use:

    -Faintly Glowing Impulse Scanner
    -Dimly Glowing Battery
    -Dimy Glowing Liquid

    Painting #2 (Beginnings):

    -Dimly Glowing Recording Rod
    -Dimly Glowing Shisha
    -Dimly Glowing Ammo Box

    Lava Crystal (Lightsaber Crystal):

    -Warmly Glowing Artifact
    -Warmly Glowing Skull
    -Warmly Glowing Engine Component

    These are only just a few of the myriads of items that you are able to create with your Chu-Gon Dar Cube.

    This concludes our Friday Feature on the Chu-Gon Dar Cube. Have you found something you like? Well let’s get to Mustafar and get to work! Maybe I’ll see you there!

    May The Force Be With You,

    SWG:Legends Staff

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    Love this aspect of the game and the unique items that can be created but boy is it annoying trying to obtain some of the recipe items. I'll keep doing it though. Ha. Another great Friday Feature!
    Fingerblaster's representin'!

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    Swamp Hollow, Talus is our home and we are looking to expand should you want to live in proximity to the coolest people in the known galaxy. Was there from the beginning on Live (ruined my relationship) and left only to come back for the last 2 years. Holla!
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    nice time to go hunting
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    Great info and Thanks!
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    Thanks for the reminder of all the extra things there are to do in this great game!
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