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    **Transmission Incoming!**

    The Galactic Civil War has been raging across the whole galaxy for almost 3 years. The conflict remains as tight as ever, nobody has been victorious. A remote special forces base on Corellia is a vital source for factional forces to receive supplies. Machinery at this location regularly dispenses weapons & biochemicals.

    The control of this special forces base is of most importance, both factions require a constant replenishment of supplies. An unknown figure has provided intelligence that a larger delivery than usual is expected this coming Saturday.

    Event Type: PvP
    Event Date: Saturday 26th January
    Event Start Time: 11PM GMT UK/6PM EST USA/3PM PST USA
    Event End Time: 1AM GMT UK/8PM EST USA/5PM PST USA

    Event Objective/Rules:

    • An in-game announcement will be made to indicate the start of the event.
    • Special Forces combatants are to fight to control the special forces base.
    • The faction controlling all of the bases terminals at the event end time will be announced as victorious.
    • The faction defeated should then congregate at their designated shuttle area. (waypoints below!)
    • If an engagement is taking place on the event end time then the duration of the event will be extended by 5 minutes until the point a faction takes complete control of the base and the terminals on the bases location.

    Event Location:

    Imperials to meet prior to event start at the Imperial Shuttle Area (Corellia /Waypoint 4245 -4952)
    Rebels to meet prior to event start at the Rebel Shuttle Area (Corellia /Waypoint 5291 -5610)

    Special Forces Facility (Corellia /Waypoint 4779 -5249)

    May the force be with you..

    **..Signal Lost..**
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    Looks like I'll have to put Khyber in uniform for this one. :)
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    Awesome, thanks for putting this together!
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