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    Main Character Name: Beetyr Crestingrider

    Forum Handle: pocobo

    Discord Handle: pocobo

    Player Association: PATS

    Where in the RL world do you live?
    Worcester, MA, USA. About 30 minutes west of Boston.

    How long did you play the live version of Star Wars Galaxies?
    I started in 7th or 8th grade I believe. So since 03-04. Went through all the ups and downs SOE threw at us. Quitting and coming back along the way.

    What type of work do you do?
    I drive a tractor trailer and deliver beer to central Mass. Sam Adams, Heineken, Miller, Coors, Yuengling, Guiness, Corona, Modelo, Smirnoff, Mike’s, to name the big ones.

    What does a typical Star Wars Galaxies day consist of for you?
    Usually, I buff up and try to find some sort of PvP content. First and most popular, probably world PvP usually at Restuss. If numbers or lag are an issue then I’ll hopefully wait for some battlefields to get going. Last resort, I’ll do invasions. If there isn’t any PvP I don't mind doing heroics with pals. I recently got into space and I have to admit its very fresh to me and a nice change of pace and scenery. I do have to say, if you haven’t tried group competitive PvP, you should give it a chance. That, above all, is what I log in for.

    What was the race and profession of your very first character?
    Human, Jedi, on Wanderhome. Quickly swapped to Medic while grinding and played it ever since. I paid for many server transfers, following the PvP content the game offered. Started on Wanderhome then Bloodfin, Chilastra, Bria, Starsider, and finally landing characters on Europe-Farstar, Starsider, and Flurry. To cover European prime time PvP, then hit East coast primetime, then staying up a bit late and hitting Flurry primetime.

    What is the one thing you’ve always wanted to be in Star Wars Galaxies that isn’t or is no longer?
    I can’t think of anything not introduced yet…. But I know what the TCG loot offered on live. I definitely wish some of the vehicles, houses, and cosmetic items were somehow added to Legends loot tables or vendors. To content or vendors we already have and use. The customization offered on this game is the best and all that would just add more options. Such as adding the Sith speeder or the Spires to factional vendors. Adding the spires to Talus static base after rallying banners would be nice. And add something different to Corellia and Naboo would also bring PvP to other locations other than Restuss.

    What other hobbies or activities do you take part in, other than playing Star Wars Galaxies?
    I like playing football or basketball, even though I suck at basketball. I love skiing when I have the time. I’m a big movie watcher. Would be at the movies every weekend if I could. Big nerd, anything Star Wars, Marvel/DC, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings. Sign me up. I also love sleeping and eating.

    What race and profession is your main character?
    Human, Medic. I play DOOM medic mostly. I also currently play Officer and Smuggler.

    What do you like the most about the profession you have chosen for your main character?
    I enjoy medic because I feel like medics have the most control over most situations and an important job.. DOOM medic allows me to do my job and heal while applying pressure via debuffs. FR can be nice too. Medic is overall a strong class. And stasis other is an amazing ability and very under used.

    What faction is your main character?
    Rebel. I have always been Rebel first. I’ve played Imperial along the way though. When needed.

    What is your favorite player owned ship?
    I just got exposed to space recently, and so far I enjoy my classic advanced X-wing. Still learning though.

    What is your favorite ground vehicle?
    My favorite is part of the TCG loot…… the one that is a two-seater and you get pulled by a droid in a chariot type thing…. I don’t know what it’s called sorry. Hover chair is a close second.

    How did you choose your main character's name?
    Tom Brady The GOAT was taken (no surprise) so I had to settle.. Kidding it was randomly generated.

    What is your favorite planet and/or city and why?
    Probably Rori. I spend a great deal of time there. At Restuss trying to engage in some PvP.

    What is your favorite NPC?
    That one male nightsister slave in the AM cave. He seems sad, but it’s just a front.

    What are the most credits you have ever spent on purchasing a single item for one of your characters?
    I think on live I spent 130 mill on a Bio crystal. I worked hard for that money, especially back then, as I’ve never played trader in this game or crafted anything. All I did was spend creds on cloning sickness.

    What do you like best about SWG Legends?
    Just the simple fact that the game is back. I thought for sure this game was gone forever. For that I thank this cult following community and this staff.

    Describe your best experience playing Star Wars Galaxies.
    I’ve been 1 of 2 officers in my group once. The other officer was someone completely green to SWG and games like this. That was my proudest moment. Find yourself a lass that will SFP with you.

    What is your favorite questline and/or place within Star Wars Galaxies and why?
    Jungle Warfare battlefield. Battlefields can be the purest form of PvP. With no lag, even numbers, and properly balanced, you'll find you really need to do your job. It’s a great way to learn positioning, assisting, movement, working with your group and providing whatever it is your profession offers, strengths and weaknesses of your profession or group composition, and how to combat different scenarios.

    Thank you Beetyr for taking time to answer and letting us get to know you a bit.

    Do you have any other community members in mind you would be interested in learning about? Feel free to give us a shout!
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    I never know anyone who ends up in these player spotlights, but i always enjoy the reading, thank you!
    Sentinels of New Dawn [Dawn] of Legends, originally from SWG Europe-Chimaera

    New Dawn, Rori

    M'ak Julos (GL), Sara'h Cene, Pillow McNugget, Pixie Petal & Byggare Bob
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