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    Happy Life Day!

    Join some of the SWG:Legends Staff for the biggest festive social gathering this January! We’ll provide the drinks, live music & good old chatter! Perhaps we can have a talented Jedi mind-trick Saun Dann to brew up some Hoth Chocolates whilst we party overlooking the snow covered town of Kachiro.

    We’ll see you in the trees! Hopefully nobody is afraid of heights.
    Only one rule! - Be sure to wear all RED clothing or armor. It’s Life Day!

    Event Type: Social
    Event Location: The Great Tree 3rd floor (Kashyyyk, Kachiro) /Waypoint -488 -44
    Event Date: Sunday, January 6th
    Event Time: 10PM GMT UK/5PM EST USA/2PM PST USA

    May the force be with you,

    SWG:Legends Staff
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