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    Happy Life Day Legends,

    How many of you are experts at Life Day celebrations? Perhaps you are reading this and it is your first celebration with us? In that case, welcome to SWG:Legends and our/your Life Day this year! Life Day is one time of the year that we all love celebrating. It’s a great opportunity to adventure out in the galaxy together with friends, or make some new ones which are enjoying the celebrations. It’s a true Star Wars festive extravaganza.

    What is Life Day?

    Life Day is a time-honored holiday observed by the species known as the Wookiees on their forested home planet of Kashyyyk. It celebrated the values and tenets of Wookiee culture, including family, joy, and harmony. Traditionally, Life Day celebrations were held around the Tree of Life on Kashyyyk and observed by extended families. However, the Wookiee diaspora of the galaxy still marked the day. When Wookiees were enslaved by the Galactic Empire, the holiday took on an even greater significance.

    Where can I celebrate Life Day?

    Life Day Activities are available this year in the following locations within our galaxy:
    Tatooine, Wayfar.
    Talus, Dearic.
    Kashyyyk, The Grotto.
    Corellia, Doaba Guerfel

    A Present Dilemma

    You can head to Wayfar, Dearic, or Doaba Guerfel, or the Grotto, to obtain this years Life Day badge and presents from the huge Life Day tree: a Life Day Gift Box for you and a Life Day Gift Box for a friend of yours. Also, there is a reward exchange vendor, one for the rebels, one for the imperials, that give out Life Day gifts for propaganda tokens. You can collect as many tokens as you can within the time limit, which is 30 minutes! You can only have one opportunity per day to do this activity. There are two tasks in total, one for each faction, for which 5 tokens are awarded for each success, or 15 if you're Special Forces. Imperials are told to smash presents while Rebels are tasked with decorating young Wroshyr trees.

    A Pile of Life Day Presents (LEFT) Young Wroshyr Tree (RIGHT)

    Exploring The Grotto

    If you decide to battle the winter snow and explore the Life Day Grotto, which is in a expanded player area of Kashyyyk (/Waypoint -755 261) You will be able to engage in some of the same activities as the other locations. However, The Grotto has a few unique additions! Such as:

    Saun Dann (LEFT) STAP Speeder (RIGHT)

    When you visit the Life Day Grotto, after you claim your Life Day Tree goodies you can speak with an NPC named Saun Dann and assist him with locating his shipments of candy! If you can make it to the end, you too will be rewarded with the Single Trooper Aerial Platform, simply known as the STAPl

    Assisting Chewbacca arrange the Life Day ornaments and you will be rewarded with propaganda tokens as a thank you for helping him.
    Presents are hidden around the building within the Life Day Grotto. Find them all!
    Special in-game appearances from Princess Leia. (Ensure your in-game music is enabled!) She will sing a special Life Day song to celebrants in attendance and choose a lucky player to obtain a Token of Gratification. (The new event reward currency, vendor currently not in-game yet!)

    A Visit From Chiryme

    A certain Wookiee Life Day Elder known as Chiryme has been making an annual visit to Kashyyyk since 2016. He never visits us empty handed. He wants you to learn more about the tradition of Life Day by speaking to other Life Day Elders which are located within the town of Kachirho. You will find Chiryme directly outside of the Starport at Kachirho!

    New Rewards!

    Check out some of the new rewards added this year.

    Loyalty (Seen below)

    Compassion (Seen below)

    Courage (Seen below)

    Morality (Seen below)

    You can also obtain the ornament shown below by using the radial menu option on the giant Life Day tree within the Life Day event area.

    R2-D2 Ornament (Seen above)

    How many of you are enjoying Life Day? Is there a special feature of our December update that has stood out to you? Let us know within this thread.

    Happy Life Day!

    Stay up to date with the latest Friday Feature, which contains useful information to players new and veteran alike!
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