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    Good time of day, community!

    I am sure some of us found ourselves lost at some point or the other. We join this game to network and find new friends, but the question always was… where? With so many guilds recruiting, one can get overwhelmed! Or, quite contrary, you want to find a new home for yourself. Or, perhaps, you are a guild looking to recruit fresh faces, but quite don't know where to start?

    If any of these scenarios sound familiar to you, then we would like to invite you to the Legends Recruitment Day!

    This is a chance for players to connect, discuss and, potentially, even make new friends! A perfect opportunity to explore what community has to offer!

    WHEN: 14th December
    • Imperial Guilds - Naboo, in front of Royal Palace
    • Rebel Guilds - Dantooine Abandoned Rebel Base
    • Neutral Guilds - Mos Entha Market District

    The recruitment will be spread across three planets by faction. Bring your friends with you, find a spot, and advertise!

    To make things interesting, there will be a small trivia event for each faction, so that's a perfect opportunity to show off your knowledge and win some badges!

    Important rules to remember:

    • You are allowed to shout advertisements but only once every 10 minutes to prevent spam
    • Be courteous to fellow players and don't obstruct others! Everyone deserves to be noticed!
    • Please leave drama

    We hope to see you all there!

    SWG:Legends Staff
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    - A members of the United Legends -
    UNION operated out of Valcyn City on Talus, and Phoenix City on Tatooine is a well rounded guild, that has recently opened its doors to all professions and gameplay aspects. We have a very active discord and community. UNION is not restricted to any specific faction. Our only requirement for entry is that you maintain a positive reputative standing within the community. If interested, please contact me here on discord.

    Valcyn on Talus is a Rank 5 City with a shuttleport in a beautiful location surrounded by a winding river, with a masterful design. The city maintains near 24/7 storyteller props to add the finishing touches! Valcyn is also a business capital and home to multiple well known shops! The city accommodates most structures. It is a research center city,
    Phoenix on Tatooine is a Rank 3 City close to rank 4 providing a shuttleport. It is in a very unique valley with multiple large stone pillars. Like Valcyn, this is a designer city with a meticulous designed layout and near 24/7 storyteller props. It is a research center city.

    For more information contact:
    @ VashinKarr#7065
    @ Cortly#6430
    @ Gai Sensai#0320
    @ Holiday#9354
    @ Lemures / Idech#9286
    @ Al'Kho_Holeek#1872

    UNITED LEGENDS Check out for more information regarding participating guilds.
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    Click Here to find out more about the UNION Foundation and how it can help you!
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