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    Hello Legends,

    For today’s Friday Feature, we are going to go over how to acquire the Box of Achievements and the perks of having one!

    Do you run many heroics? Participate in the many wonderful festivals in the galaxy? Maybe the duty tokens from your space adventures are piling up on top of everything else in your inventory? If you’re looking for a way to maximize your inventory space and need somewhere to cram all of your many tokens acquired from the many many different aspects of Star Wars Galaxies gameplay, the Box of Achievements might just be what you’re looking for.

    The Box of Achievements is basically a portable safety deposit box to hold the many currencies in the game, which include the following:

    Heroic Instance Tokens
    PvP Battleground Tokens
    GCW City Invasion Tokens
    Chronicle Tokens
    Duty Mission Tokens
    Festival Tokens (GMF/Life Day/Empire Day/Ewok Festival of Love)
    Witches of Dathomir Currency

    Discovering the village of Aurilia

    Your first step will be traveling to the village of Aurilia on the planet Dathomir. If you have never been to Aurilia before, or forgot to speak to Maximillian (Aurilian Travel Consultant) when you were last at the village to enable your Aurilian Contact Travel, you must make the drive! Maximillian is located at /way 5440 -4172 so it is advised you drive straight to him and speak to him to activate your ability to fast travel to Aurilia! *IMPORTANT NOTE* Your character must be CL70+ or an Ace Pilot to enter Aurilia’s protective barrier mists!


    Once you have arrived to Aurilia (and ensured you can quickly return from here on!), you will want to locate the NPC named Rohak (Town Elder) who you can find at /way 5254 -4164. Speaking with Rohak, he will send you on a small (no combat involved) quest to locate SIX misplaced figurines in town.

    Rohak (Town Elder)

    Locating the figurines will reward you with the Box of Achievements and a tiny xp boost. Let’s find these things!

    /way 5312 -4159 (Located near the Mayor of Aurilia in the middle of town beside a post)
    /way 5382 -4065 (Located in a Guard Tower next to Captain Sarguillo)
    /way 5266 -4046 (Located in the CENTER tent of the detention complex, right beside Mellichae)
    /way 5408 -4189 (Located right beside the NPC Torvin, who is in a supply building beside the Aurilian Starship Building)
    /way 5201 -4174 (Located beside the Imperial Hoth NPC inside the Adventurer’s Guildhall)
    /way 5116 -3958 (Located a small distance NW outside of town beside the skeleton of a large creature)

    After successfully finding all SIX of the misplaced figurines, the quest will complete and you will receive your reward!

    The Box of Achievements is an invaluable part of the avid adventurer’s inventory. Anytime you gain one of the mentioned currencies that can be held in the box, don’t forget to radial and add your stacks in. With this item, you can keep track of what exactly you have and how much you need to save up! I just got mine! Have you got yours??

    This concludes today’s Friday Feature! Good luck!

    May the force be with you,

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