Still hoping this revamp will happen asap, our Township (yes we finally ranked up from Village, halleluja) is sitting at 38 residents and waiting. We'll move in more if we get a shuttleport - or if changed requirements make this neccessary before that. We are currently Reasearch Center with a nice public crafting house, we have a couple cantinas of which in one of them you'll find an entertainer dancing and buffing visitors during european prime playtime at least. Vendors will be moved there, to continue providing fine armor, droids and POB Equipment to the server - we're also hoping we can reel in a couple more dedicated crafters to city/guild when this restart kicks off properly. Myself i'm hoping we can create a good RP'ing environment also, we 're for sure not a roleplaying guild, but i feel roleplayers bring out yet another dimension of the game with their stories and activity - so while i may not become much more than an innocent bystander myself i'll be glad to support this happening in our town if possible. Totally useless information in this particular thread ofc, but i'm saying there are players with visions of grandeur around, who are held back right now.

I think the 90 day limit for packing up houses is just fine really, if it was silly low at 30 days that could mean a players long vacation in combination with timely (or rather, untimely) city rank updates might wreck the city situation for a whole bunch of residents in that player city.

As for maintenance costs, do set them high - not astronomical perhaps, but it sure should cost you if wanting to have a high rank city. Myself i'll be happy to pay up for our guilds city, and knowing my guildies i know i'd not be the only one chipping in to keep our city in shape.