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Thread: October 2018 Legends Galactic Homeshow Winner!

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    Hello everyone,

    The judges have come to a decision and Tirobins is the winner of this months Galactic Homeshow!

    The winning structure is called Terribly and Funny located on Naboo at /waypoint 6956 0 5037.

    This month was difficult to judge with a few entries that stood out to us. There was so many haunting entries this month during the Galactic Moon Festival. This guild hall was very unique and full of the Galactic Moon Festival themes and items and we loved looking at all the little details put into the structure especially the side rooms. We could tell a lot of effort was put into this building. It is a great example haunting creativity!

    Congratulations Tirobins! Please contact Tallia or RoarAsh to receive your winning prize!

    If you haven't checked out this building already please do!

    Thank you to everyone who entered. All of the entries this month were incredible and we urge you all to visit these locations in the sign-up post.

    If you have entered before then please re-enter again! We enjoy seeing the updates each month. So many of you are So CLOSE to having that Homeshow Trophy.

    If you have any questions about your entry for this homeshow please contact @Tallia or @RoarAsh on Discord.
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    Just visited it, cool place
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