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    Welcome to this week’s Friday Feature! When you head out into the galaxy looking for adventure, don't forget your buffs! These buffs can give your character a temporary or permanent boost to character attributes and abilities. They are a great way to get an edge in combat, crafting, and can even give you a bonus to your experience point gains!

    • Profession Reward Buffs: As your character progresses along the skill wheel of your profession window, you will be rewarded with a variety of different buff items.
    • Expertise Buffs: Many Expertise abilities offer a wide variety of buffs. Some Expertise buffs are "active" and have to be turned on to gain the effect while some are passive. Active buffs can all be activated simply by using your toolbar to activate the special ability.
    • Looted Buffs: Looted buffs are found on all planets as loot rewards. As you complete legacy quests, you will loot many of these buffs. Some examples include the Improved Stamina Stim, the Charmed Trinket, or the Improved Precision Scope.
    • Inspiration Buffs: Entertainers can perform an act that will "inspire" you. It can be a general XP buff or even a profession specific buff. The general inspiration buff also gives you a 10% bonus to your GCW point scores both on the ground and in space.
    • Food Buffs: Domestic Traders can craft a wide variety of drinks and foods that will boost combinations of character attributes that are very helpful.
    • Cybernetics: Cybernetic Arms can be found as quest and loot rewards on Kashyyyk (Rage of the Wookiees expansion). For example, the Cyborg Strength Arm offers a bonus to strength and stamina bonus for a short duration.
    • Chu-Gon Dar Buffs: The Chu-Gon Dar Cube is a mystical cube that uses the Force to transform items.
    • Galactic Civil War Buffs: There are quite a few GCW buffs that can really help turn the tide of war:
    • Military Reactive Stim Injectors: These buffs are rewards earned by capturing and holding the planetary bases on Naboo, Corellia and Talus . The longer you hold a base, the better the stim injector reward will be.
    • Rally Banners: The best possible reward for holding a static base is a Rally Banner. These rally banners will buff all members of your faction in the vicinity.
    • Rank Rewards: There are rewards for earning ranks for your faction as you fight in the GCW. Both enlisted soldiers and officers can earn rally banners, jewelry and even special abilities that offer great bonuses.

    Buff Information

    It's important to know which buffs are active and how long they are going to last. It's also helpful to know what buffs your group members have and the buffs your enemies are using so that you can know what tactics to will help in combat. Here's a quick look at the different ways to get buff information.
    When you activate a buff, a buff icon will appear on your status bar. There is an icon associated with each buff and if you want more detailed information about any active buffs, simply put your cursor over the buff icon and all the details will be displayed in the tool tip.

    Open your inventory and click on a buff item once to see all the details about a buff before you use the item.

    You can also check your character sheet. Any attribute in green has a bonus applied to it.

    Group member Buffs

    While you are in a group, each of your group member's status bars will be displayed. You will be able to see their buff icons there.

    Enemy Buffs

    If you want to know what buffs an enemy is using, target them. When you do, their status bar will be displayed. Underneath their health and action bars, all their buff icons will be displayed.

    Activating Buff Effects

    There are many different kinds of buffs, but they are all easy to activate. Let's take a look at how to turn on your bonuses:
    • Consumable Buffs: Looted buffs, profession buffs, food and other items can be activated simply by double clicking the item.

    • Wearable Buffs: Wearable buffs are activated as soon as you equip them. You can equip items either by using the radial menu or double-clicking them in your inventory. Keep in mind that some wearable buffs stay active as long as you wear the item while other wearable buff items have to be periodically refreshed. For example, the Miner's Medallion from Mustafar has to be taken off and re-equipped every so often.
    • Inspiration Buffs: To get the effects of an entertainer's inspiration buff, visit an entertainer and ask them for a buff. The entertainer will set the buff up and then perform an act for you. As they perform their act, use the radial menu to "watch" or "listen" while they perform their act. They will take care of setting up the buff. Be sure to tip them!
    • Cybernetics: With cybernetics, you will need to equip the cybernetic (These can be fitted by NPC's in Medical Centers in some large cities like Coronet on Corellia, Theed on Naboo and Mos Entha on Tatooine), open your Command Browser and drag-and-drop the icon on your toolbar. Then you can start the buff effect with your toolbar.
    • Rally Banners: Once the owner of a Rally Banner plants the banner, everyone who can benefit from the bonus will get the bonus automatically.

    Stacking Buffs

    Buffing really gets interesting once you start "stacking buffs." There are hundreds of different kinds of buffs within our project that boost a wide variety of attributes and abilities. You can find some on the bazaar, find some as loot, earn some as rewards and as you start accumulating buff items, you can activate combinations of buffs to get some pretty big bonuses. Here are some basic tips to keep in mind:
    • Start out by visiting an entertainer to get an inspiration buff. You can get a general inspiration which will give you a bonus to all experience point gains for the duration of the buff. They also can also offer profession specific buffs.
    • Only one inspiration buff can be active at a time.
    • Only one food/drink buff can be active at a time. (You can eat/drink the consumable numerous times to reach a duration of 2 hours.)
    • All buffs have a "buff priority." Buffs with a higher priority will always take effect over a buff with a lower priority. More powerful buffs have a higher priority than buffs of lower power.
    • All buffs are also part of a "buff group." There are many different buff groups. Buff groups can generally be identified by examining the item and looking at the effects. The top two most potent buffs represent the "buff group."

    We hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about player buffs within this Friday Feature. How many rows of buffs can you achieve on your character?

    Stay up to date with the latest Friday Feature, which contains useful information to players new and veteran alike!
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