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    Hopefully I can get a pumpkin in time for this year, This was so much fun last time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Imptrea View Post
    Hopefully I can get a pumpkin in time for this year, This was so much fun last time.
    Do it!
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    my friend has indoor cats and kids but has been feeding raccoons outdoors all year. So she bought a pumpkin for a jack-O-lantern for the kids and put it outside on the porch. The raccoons overnight rolled the pumpkin away to parts unknown. When finding it the raccoons had eaten a hole into the pumpkin and gutted it and eaten the insides. So my friend rolled it home since the coons did the hard part of preparing for a jack-O-lantern. And who said random acts of kindness don't pay off??? hahahah
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    A world, a world, all swiveled and twirled.

    Dashingly hollow in a frivolous world
    A world, a world, all swiveled and twirled.
    Abandoned as youth, but forever true
    Here stands a legend, a man, a who

    A who, a who, whomever that be
    A smuggler, a scoundrel, that he seems
    A world, a world, all swiveled and twirled.
    A world, a world, of darkness and turn

    A dealer of goods, and promiser of service
    A tarnished reputation, a world of lawless
    A blaster, a shiv, and a man so young
    Nothing in comparison, to his wit and his tongue

    A man a man once on a downtrend
    A man a man would need a friend
    A man searched a galaxy, a sea a sea
    A friend was found, his name be “Chewy”

    Adventures and journeys, the galaxy traveled
    Two souls together, souls once troubled
    Together forever, in a cold underworld
    A world, a world, all swiveled and twirled

    There was a world once upon a time
    On hallowed ground, a tree arise
    A world full of wonders, of creatures, of beasts
    A world where a darkness is known to feast

    This is a world where our heroes come
    This is a world where they appear as scum
    As scum, as scum, as villains they appear
    As hoodlums and thieves, a future unclear

    A plague on this world is very present
    A plague for all those to resent
    The people, the citizens, all those of innocence
    A failure to purge, a hero’s absence

    Our villains, our scum, are heroes most brave
    In a darkened place, a world to save
    One task, one duty, one most important undertaking
    One that must be won without ever ending.

    A curse, a curse, a devilish word
    Sacred wordings used, by but a blur
    A ghost that haunts, must lack of glee
    A ghost, a ghost, that haunts thy tree

    This ghost is only but a blur
    This ghost is what was once a sir
    A ghost, a ghost, a devilish creature
    A ghost, a ghost, an upset dweller
    Many have tried, many have failed
    None have ever won and been hailed
    A ghost, a ghost, must forever be defeated
    A battle is fought, with history not to be repeated

    Our heroes challenge and duel this ghost
    In the wailing forest of southernmost
    A world, a world, all swiveled and twirled
    A world, a world, of darkness and turn

    A ghost has won over and over
    But until this battle, he has never found better
    A ghost, a ghost, a unruly fighter
    a ghost has never fought that he found mightier.

    A beast, a man, and unruly couple
    The perfect combination to defeat the dreadful
    They swung, they shot, they twirled and hurled
    They used what they learned in the underworld

    A ghost once mighty, a warrior of fraught
    Fell to those that have never been more than an afterthought
    These heroes these legends, these scoundrels and thieves
    Had vanquished this ghost and saved hallows eve.

    A world, a world, all swiveled and twirled
    Here ends the story. Of legends, of worlds.
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    Ardinn yelped and leapt out of the way as a Bith, his lidless eyes wide with surprise and terror went hurtling past her nearly knocking her off her feet. The unfortunate musician must have nudged the drunk and angry Trandoshan as he had passed. The poor musician more than likely had simply been on his way to replace a member of the band in the nearby cantina alcove when he had found himself flying through the air.

    Unfortunately, the scuffle knocked her into a male Zabraki dancer who was dancing beside her. Luckily the dancer, whom Ardinn believed went by the name Shiftz, had quick reflexes and saved them both from upsetting a table filled with drinks and a dangerous looking group bristling with weapons. The group eyed both dancers with dark glittering looks that just begged for an excuse to show off their combat prowess and fighting skills.

    Ardinn shuddered and smoothed her skirt. She didn’t believe she would ever get used to working at this cantina and found herself questioning every life decision that had led her to this place. “Thank you.”

    “At least, as dancers, we are quick on our feet.” The Zabraki male teased, as he went back to dancing.

    Ardinn admired the fact that the handsome young man seemed untroubled by the continued uproars and acts of aggression that frequented Chalmun’s cantina. She studied him for a moment, his tan skin clearly no stranger to the twin suns of Tatooine.

    “Do you think Wuher would agree to give the dancers’ hazard pay?”

    The Zabraki male chuckled at her, clearing identifying her as a novice to the intricacies of working within the dank and seedy atmosphere of an outer rim cantina.

    “No doubt, the sandstorm is making everyone on edge.”

    Shiftz shrugged slightly, only half paying attention to Ardinn, as a fully armored figure entered the cantina. A potential new customer. Customers were credits and a fellow dancer was competition and distraction. It was a lesson she had learned within her first few days of working in the cantina.

    “Well good luck on the tips and thanks for the help. I think I am going to go ahead and call it a night.”

    Shiftz glanced at her, his gold face tattoos catching the light and drawing Ardinn’s attention. “Going to brave the sandstorm?”

    “Yeah. It’s really late and with the storm there are hardly any tips or customers. You know?”

    Shiftz nodded in agreement. “Well good luck and be safe out there.”

    “You too. See you tomorrow.” Ardinn waved to her hopefully newfound friend and made her way carefully through the cantina. She didn’t want to be a sequel to what had happened to the poor Bith musician by nudging the wrong customer or upsetting a drink and drawing the ire of a patron.

    It didn’t take Ardinn long to grab her things and to let Wuher know she was heading home for the night. Wuher ran the bar for Chalmun, the cantina owner, and also oversaw the entertainment staff. He was a hard man to work for. Most people were turned off by Wuher’s gruff exterior and personality, but Ardinn and the other dancers appreciated the fact that he preferred to pay freelance entertainers rather than deal with slaves. Most cantina dancers, across the galaxy, were staffed by slaves making it hard for dancers, like her, to find paying jobs. It was the one reason that Ardinn had chosen to brave the frightening clientele of Chalmun’s cantina in Mos Eisley.

    Ardinn frowned as one such example of frightening clientele caught her eye. A hooded figure seemed to be staring directly at her. Even though his or her face was completely concealed by the hood of a black cloak, Ardinn felt the piercing stare levelled at her. A chill raced up her spine.

    She had noted that same hooded figure lurking at the edges of the cantina all evening. At one point she was almost certain she had caught the glow of red eyes from within the darkness of the hood turned decidedly on her.

    “Yeah, definitely a good time to call it a night.” She murmured to herself as he made her way to the back entrance of the cantina.

    The door swooshed open as she approached. She hesitated in the doorway as hazy darkness, swirling sand, and howling winds rushed into her face. The wind whipped her strawberry blonde hair into her eyes, not that she could see anything through the writhing, inky storm even without the hair.

    The scary stranger’s deep and dark hood seemed less frightening now to Ardinn as wished she has a deep hood of her own to protect her head and face from the whirling sand.

    Ardinn pulled a scarf from her bag and wrapped her mouth and nose with the gossamer green fabric, before tucking her head down and stepping through the door.

    The wind whipped at her clothing and hair as she turned in the direction towards her home. She could barely see two inches in front of her face and that was in the sheltered alley. She would hate to think about what it would be like standing in this storm on an open plain.

    Normally, the walk home took Ardinn ten minutes tops at a normal pace. Unfortunately, with the late hour and the storm, she was forced to a shuffle.

    Ardinn squeaked in surprise as she felt a figure brush by her in a frantic dash to escape the sand through the nearby cantina door. For a brief moment, the swirling sands were illuminated and the sounds of the band seeped out into the writhing darkness with her, before the door swooshed shut and she was again alone with the dark and sand.

    Her heart pounded. She was already on edge from the constant scuffles in the cantina, and the scary figure, and now she had to contend with the sand and darkness. She longed for nothing more than the safety of her tiny home and warm bed.

    “Ok feet. We aren’t going to get there just standing here.” She sighed softly to herself. She knew when she got home every part of her body and clothing was going to be caked with sand. The worst thing about Tatooine was the sand. It was an ever-present, abrasive annoyance that found its way in her clothing, her bed and made her long for a shower multiple times a day.

    Maybe one day she would have enough credits to find her way to a less sandy planet. At her current income life that was only a pipe dream. She kept her mind occupied with thoughts of all the vegetation filled planets she had heard discussed by her customers as she forced her way forward through the wind. It pressed against her lithe body making her work for every step. At this point, Coruscant with its lack of natural environments was calling her name.

    Ardinn paused as she reached a cross street. The wind whipped more harshly here giving her pause. She turned slowly as a sound echoed faintly towards from the darkness behind her. She strained trying to hear past the storm. Her heart raced in her chest and a cold sweat broke out on her flesh. This was a dangerous city to live in and every imagined danger sprang to her mind.

    There in the dark eddies of sand she thought she saw a glowing red light moving surprisingly quickly towards her through the storm. Again, that cold chill from earlier raced up and down her spine. Something menacing was out there in the sand and it seemed to be heading her way.

    “Who’s there?” she shouted into the darkness. The wind stole her words away making it unlikely that anyone could hear them.

    She watched as that glowing red light moved purposefully in her direction. Unceasing. Incessant. Unaltered by the wind or the storm. She wondered if it was a headlight on a landspeeder, but landspeeders typically did not have red lights on the front of the vehicle.

    Another chill raced down her spine and a feeling of dread and evil intent washed through her. Something not nice was coming for her. She turned back and picked up her pace. Rushing headlong into the wind. She was several blocks from home. The force of the wind funneling through the alleyways forced her to keep her head down as she fought for every step through the sand drifts at her feet.

    She made it one block to another cross street in record time for the pace she was forced to keep. She stopped to listen for the sounds of others. Someone who could offer protection or refuge from the menacing red light that she noticed was still behind her. It kept pace with her like it was toying with her. Like the light or whatever the light was emitted by knew she was frightened and wished to draw out her fear.

    “Hellooo!” she lowered her scarf to holler for help but only ended up doubled over her mouth full of sand.

    A quick look behind her showed the light was gaining distance by her prolonged stop. She quickly pulled the scarf back into place and raced forward again into the wind.

    Ardinn was well and truly frightened now. She didn’t know if she should continue onward. The definitely shortest route to her home and a locked door or turn down a side street and hope that whomever or whatever was behind continued going straight down the alleyway and missed that she had taken another path.

    Home called to her. She couldn’t abandon the thought of its humble refuge so she raced forward at a dangerous pace for the severity of the storm.

    A quick glance behind her showed that red light was matching pace still. She cried out in surprise and fear, the scarf muffling the sound even further, but at least saving her from a mouthful of sand.

    Dread filled her. Was it a slaver? That was a real and true threat out here in the outer rim. Was it someone who had seen her dancing and wanted something more from her? Something she was definitely not willing to give. Lost in her thoughts. Lost in the blowing sand and darkness of the late night she didn’t see the object until it smacked her in the forehead and sent her sprawling backwards into the sand.

    Tears filled her eyes as she saw stars. Warmth dripped down into one of her eyes as she lay sprawled on her backside in the sand filled alley. She was obviously bleeding and her ears were ringing. She could smell the scent of animal nearby. Many local traders had animal pens in the poorer districts where they kept beasts of burden or beasts for easy butchering. She crawled to the side and met a fence post. She could sense the warmth of a large animal nearby.

    A quick glance behind her into the swirling darkness revealed that light was even closer and almost upon her. With a soft moan of pain and worry, Ardinn crawled on her hands and knees beneath the fence that caged an unknown beast of unknown planetary origin that was hopefully less malevolent than whatever was stalking her through the storm.

    She comforted herself with the fact, that it was unlikely a rancor that would eat her face off as she crawled on all fours through the sand, and hay and squishy clumps deeper into the pen. She would take manure over whatever was in that alley.

    She heard a snort and felt the unknown animal move away from her, clearly afraid of her. More than likely afraid of the smell of her blood, which now dripped continually down the side of her face. She was going to need to see a medic and most likely have the wound sealed with a bacta patch. First, she had to survive whatever was coming.

    She cowered in a corner. Sheltered from the wind. The sound of the storm much more muted here. She hoped and prayed that the danger continued on down the alleyway and that whomever or whatever it was it hadn’t seen her fall and crawl into the pen in the darkness.

    A faint hum emerged from the darkness mixing with the sound of the sandstorm. The red glow grew brighter. Ardinn fought a whimper as she struggled to see what was coming towards her.

    Her stomach fell and fear filled her as the glow stopped directly outside the fence. A definite hum coming from whatever it was. Ardinn watched as the red light whipped up and down and then approached as if it had melted the fencing with its swipes and had unimpeded access to her now.

    The animal bellowed in fear. No doubt sensing her own fear, but also the danger that was upon them. That red light again slashed up and down, like a wielded weapon and Ardinn screamed as she felt the large animal fall beside her, nearly landing on top of her and trapping her in the corner. She reached forward and felt fur and warmth and the last few breaths of the animal before it went still beneath her fingers.

    “What do you want? Who are you?” She shouted uselessly through her scarf. Her eyes trying to decipher the threat.

    A dark figure came into view. Barely discernable by the glow of the red weapon. Two piercing red eyes as though peering through the hood of a cloak bored into her eyes. Ardinn was held captive by the stare as she felt her resistance fade away. Too late she realized it was the hooded person from the cantina who had followed her into the dark and she knew without a shadow of a doubt that she had just become another statistic to the dangers of this city. She screamed as the figure reached for her.
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    Telu's haunted house.

    Lok, Korriban

    Do not forget to visit while the GMF is still running!

    ps use storyteller terminal by the shuttleport for the best experience...

    haunted house.jpg

    Think i posted this in wrong place oops my bad, feel free to remove.
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