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    These rules need updated and made even stricter on all Legacy Quest areas.
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    Agreed. I was doing part of Jabba's Themepark and there was some level 90 spy camping the Eopie spawn with a harvester droid. It's one thing to say "it's not hard to outdamage an AFK player" when you are both of comparable levels, but when the quester is in their low 20s and the AFK camper is 90, no, that's a ridiculous assumption.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RoarAsh View Post
    Not Allowed -
    Having characters from multiple accounts on follow and assisting with combat in the DWB. Each ATK player can only have their own toons following them.
    The use of any programs or built in capability from a gaming mouse or keyboard that allows you to do something AFK that you cannot do with normal ingame function, features, or mechanics.

    Having characters from your account following behind your ATK character to assist in combat in the DWB
    Discord is giving contradictory information so I just want to be extra sure that the following is allowed on DWB:

    - I stay ATK on my character and keep another character from my account following me with active macros running (e.g. heals).
    - My friend, on his own account and ATK, comes with us too without auto follow. He's from another state and we don't share the same IP or anything really.
    - Basically: me (acc1) ATK, my alt (acc1) AFK following me and using macros; and my friend (acc2) ATK on his own account and not following me.

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