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    Thanks to everyone who entered our Empire Day Display of Allegiance community contest. We had this contest active during our month of Empire Day celebrations in July which we hope you enjoyed.

    We loved looking through the various entries here on the forum and on our Facebook page. The submissions were very creative and each person that entered had a different way of celebrating Empire Day which was good to see! Personally I like ripping down Imperial posters.. *Hides*

    The players listed below have been lucky this time and have won a special in-game prize. Please contact one of the event staff via Discord or the forum.

    Forum Winners:

    Facebook Winners:
    Joe Allen
    Zac Kaplan
    Edward Olford
    Erik Cuevas
    Owen Morgan

    Take a look at some of the winning entries below.
    May the force be with you,
    SWG:Legends Staff

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