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    Main Character Name:
    R’aider and SOE’ed

    Forum Handle:

    Discord Handle:

    Player Association:
    Veterans of Chilastra (Chill)

    Where in the RL world do you live?

    How long did you play the live version of Star wars galaxies?
    2003 until the plug was pulled. My guildmates kept trying to pull me over to other games but after a month or two I was back here.

    What type of work do you do?
    Software Engineering with web technology and Machine Learning focused in healthcare.

    What does a typical Star Wars Galaxies day consist of for you?
    I’m a group PVE addict. When I have time to play I hop in and hope there are people around for Heroics, WoD, Group Convoys, Invasions, or just about anything. I often try my luck in the LFG Discord channel too. For me, it is really the people in the community that make this game so compelling to play. I also really enjoy showing new players the ropes in places like Heroics.

    What was the race and profession of your very first character?
    A Zabrak Scout and Artisan and Sunrunner.. After reading the whole game manual while the game installed, having Scout and Artisan sounded like the most self-sufficient starting professions. Oh how wrong I was. I couldn’t even kill a chuba to finish a destroy mission. That is when I had the bright idea to try a delivery mission. Grab one in Doaba Gurfel and the first update is in Bela Vistal, 13km away. Once I finish that hike, it to updated again to Vreni freaking Island about 15km away. Remember, this is before mounts, vehicles, and shuttle tickets would eat all of my profit. Those 1000ish credits were the most time consuming credits I have ever earned in SWG, but it is a memory that still makes me laugh.

    What is the one thing you’ve always wanted to be in Star Wars Galaxies that isn’t or is no longer?
    Hybrid professions. As an armchair game designer I understand why the profession system was simplified, but as a player It allowed for so much freedom to make the character yours.
    Master Powers Jedi and Master Tailor anyone?

    What other hobbies or activities do you take part in, other than playing Star Wars Galaxies?
    I do volunteer and charity work with the 501st Legion as a Stormtrooper. My local group tries to do monthly pediatric ward visits at the hospitals to cheer the kids. We also usually do charity fundraisers at conventions. Did you know kids tend rush up and hug Darth Vader and Stormtroopers, but give uncertain looks to Jedi. Well, until a lightsaber is turned on; but then is the kid really looking at the Jedi anymore?

    Otherwise I enjoy a good sci-fi book or movie, helping my wife with her cosplay projects, and start and delete tons of hobby code projects.

    What race and profession is your main character?
    R’aider is a Zabrak Commando.
    SOE’ed is a Bothan Spy

    What do you like the most about the profession you have chosen for your main character?
    I play Commando, Beast Master Medic, Spy, and occasionally Officer. Each class is great and powerful in their own regards.
    I really enjoy how versatile a commando is in group settings. You are a walking piece of armor that also happens to dish out tons of damage and that damage is mostly AOE. It makes picking up groups of spawns in heroics a cinch and does not put undo stress on a medic to keep you standing.

    What faction is your main character?
    R’aider is an Imperial. It just feels right and resonates well with Stormtrooper activities in real life.
    SOE’ed is a rebel because I caved to peer pressure from old friends from Chilly so that I had a factionally aligned avatar with them. *cough* Kracken *cough*

    What is your favorite player owned ship?
    My Corellian YT-1300 Light Freighter of course! Are there any other ships in the game?

    What is your favorite ground vehicle?
    I would have to say the Hover Lifter Speeder from the Quarantine zone. The coolest addition in the patch that to offset zombie plagues.

    How did you choose your main character's name?
    R’aider - I don’t know. I blame adolescence. But when I came to Legends it did not feel right to not resurrect him.
    SOE’ed - I created him just after playing the NGE on testcenter.

    What is your favorite planet and/or city and why?
    Kor Vella, Corellia. It was something about the mountains and the river valleys in the area. It also has my absolute favorite spot in the game.

    I know I’m reading too much into this, but for some reason this spot felt like a poetic metaphor for the game to me. Is the game the broken bridge that finds its foundation in the future, or did it crumble halfway over the river.
    My character’s final moments for both the CU and the NGE were there. Right up until `Connection to SWG lost`

    What is your favorite NPC?

    I’ll say Fixer One because I still laugh every time I see him. Its hilarious to see to a 3 meter tall pit droid carrying a huge rifle.

    What are the most credits you have ever spent on purchasing a single item for one of your characters?
    I honestly do not know. Maybe a few million for some armor or a weapon? I have never been very credit rich in the game, but I get by with barter, gifts, and favors. The most I ever turned down was half a billion for a single mando helmet back in the CU era, so yeah, credits aren’t my goal.

    What do you like best about SWG Legends?
    I like the thriving community. I appreciate how the admin team runs the project. I especially like that there is always group content going on at all hours.

    Describe your best experience playing Star Wars Galaxies.
    Which memory is the best to share? The first DWB run after the CU with 30 people? The thrill of our first Exar kill? The nail-biting race to down HK-47 during early access before the NGE? Crafting my first Mandalorian helmet?

    I’m going to go with my first Corellian Corvette run back in April 2004. I think I was a middling marksman, master scout, and middling Creature Handler. Up until this point in the game I had been exploring planets, and leveling super slowly. A friend invited me to this brand new dungeon called the corvette. I met the group in the Theed Cantina and got a Dancer and Musician buff. Then we moved over to the Medical center and we got doctor buffs. This was my first doctor buff. Mind Blown. I had never seen my stat pools so full. I felt unstoppable for the first time. We all drove out to the Emperor’s Retreat and the next thing I know I’m standing in the opening scenes of A New Hope. Very cool. Our small group started exploring the hallways cautiously. It took most of us pummeling a single rebel trooper to take them down, two at once was dicey. We cleared a few rooms and then the chaos started. Too many Rebels troopers rushed in on us and we start dropping alarmingly fast as the troopers triple incapped and death blew us. We wiped. Without the overpowered doctor buffs, we didn’t stand a chance, but we kept trying anyways. I don’t think we ever found the loot chest, or even a quarter of the mission objectives, but it was a blast. This memory really stuck for me especially as later on in the Pre-cu I learned how loot that dungeon solo.

    What is your favorite questline and/or place within Star Wars Galaxies and why?

    The Champion of Mustafar. My first time through the quest line was during the Trials of Obi-wan early access when the CU engine was still live. It was so much fun facing off against the new mechanics, discovering how each instance worked, and persevering as a group to finish the instance down to the wire on time. Two weeks later, most of it was soloable.

    Know someone worthy of a player spotlight or just insanely curious about a player? Let me know!!!!!
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    Nice write up about a great guy and knowledgeable player! He does a great job of teaching folks the ropes in content, and I personally have benefitted from his help and experience.
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    Awesome spotlight as always and Raider's a great guy!! nice to learn more about him!
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    I have no words as the description and the story are awesome!
    RED is DEAD! ... at least, it should be!

    "PickUp-DropOff by -AtAl-" /way 233 -4871 , city of Cauth Bodva (shuttle), Rori
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    R'aider is an awesome person; he showed me the ropes with my commando. He's a kind gentle and patient soul! Very good choice for this spotlight!
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    Yay for R'aid! Hes been my closest frind in game since ages ago, I still remember the fun we had running the Mustafar content pre-release. Ive tried to help new players and others, but Raid is on a whole nother level. His dedication to helping people learn content, or like me, get back to the game, as he huffs and puffs as I try to remember my rotations haha!

    But all in all, hes been a staple of the SWG community, always there to help others, and never greedy. He literally gives stuff away because friendship is what matters most, not digital pixels.

    Miss ya bud!
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