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    Hello Legends,

    In our Friday Feature this week we are going to learn more about the SWG Legends Facebook page and how you can connect with us through this fun interactive social media platform.

    As many of you know we have our forums which we use to communicate with our community and post project announcements ( and our Discord server which many of you use on a daily basis. Invite link: but we also have a Facebook page which is very active and continuing to grow with over 3000 Facebook Likes!

    Our Facebook page is a great way for you to make new friendships through posts and comments, pictures & videos. It’s very surprising how many players have met old friends through our Facebook page by recognizing them by their profile picture rather than their in-game name! Facebook is a great way to share your special in-game moments with us instantly, so if you see us asking how you are spending your weekend please feel free to show us in-game screenshots/videos. We love seeing how you are enjoying the SWG:Legends experience. There is sometimes occasions where something may catch our attention and we decide to share it with the community, such as the beautiful screenshot below! (Couldn’t resist but sharing! Cool right?!)

    Exclusive contests

    As much as we love the forums, we do occasionally have exclusive contests within the forum, or only on our Facebook page so be sure to keep an eye out from time to time! Below you can see an example of our latest social media community collection.

    Help Me!

    You can also message us via Facebook to receive limited account support. Reply times may vary compared to tickets but we do check the inbox as regularly as we can. (As you can see from the image below you are able to press the Send Message button to contact us)

    We hope to see you soon on Facebook!

    May the force be with you.

    SWG:Legends Staff
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