Not sure where to start this story, my son and his mother got me playing precu, on bria. My room was parrot, the room to to lol and convinced a spin group to help out a newb, probably not the best place to start but I was able to level up fast, met a few other players and joined my first guild Dow ( dogs of war ) stayed with them until the cu and a lot of our players left.
I then joined a few other guilds for short periods the was invited to mob ( mean old bastards ) where I remained until the end. Mob was a great guild, multifaction guild, our saying was red=dead we probably spent more time killing each other than anyone else, we used to get drunk put bounties on each faction and wait in PvP bases for the b's to show up, they would get so pissed.. Mob was a family more than a guild, our kids played and grew up. A lot of us still keep in touch some are playing other games, its sad to say a few passed away, they will never be forgotten.
Long live swg, long live bria in our hearts, and long live mob