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    I have many fond memories of a galaxy far far away. It's a toss-up between two memories in particular though, that are my most favorite. The first being a short story. I was in an Imperial guild called UIL (United Imperial Legion). Word traveled one day of a big coordinated battle in the PvP city of Restuss. Most of the on-line guild members joined in with a large group of imperials to do battle with an equally large group of Rebels. It was more like a raid then a group, with over 100 characters on each side. I was tasked by my guild leader to use my rebel alt as a spy and convey the rebel plans of attack via the newly added in-game voice chat system. Thanks to my efforts as an Imperial Spy, we beat-back the rebels to their compound until they conceded the victory to the Imperials. Fun fun. My second most memorable experience was just after Hoth was introduced. After a few weeks, only a couple of guilds had gotten the server first badge for completing it, and only a handful of groups beat it at all. My guild leader and I were destined to get our guild server first for the Radiant server. He and I zoned into Hoth on dual characters and mapped the entire instance with locations of NPCs, NPC types and strengths, and recreated a battlefield environment using the Story Teller vendor tokens. We practiced every day for a week with the group assigned to do the instance, until we felt good about our chances. That week-end, we went in and ran it on the first attempt since practicing and got server first. It would be another week or two before a second group beat the instance on that server. The remarkable effort we put into doing the instance is the reason why it stands out in my memories so much. There was one other event that stands out even more, but no one believes me when I tell the story, despite the fact I had 4 witnesses.
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    I started with SWG in 2005 and got the impression it was after the CU by all the chatter around at the time, a little late compared to others, just like this thread, which by the way i apologise if a couple of months since last post is classed as necro.

    Memories : Joining Kauri and spending a few hours to get my controls how i like them, which took a while longer after months of playing and adjusting. In particular I enjoyed the freedom of choice, grinding all those little boxes up by using different weapons etc instead of being stuck to a class with specific weapon usage like most MMORPG's are these days. Myself and a R/L long time friend spent many an hour in the game, sometimes days at a time followed by a hibernation period before repeating the cycle, we'd log on, hit a player city on Tatooine (Mos Veros i think it was called) then group up with others and go out to grind, usually a jedi dealt with the lair while a medic kept everyone alive while the group as a whole hit everything that spawned, a tedious grind but better than most games that had you "go here, kill this then come back for more" types. The banter and the community made it enjoyable. once we'd done enough of that myself and my friend found ourselves doing the rebel themepark (I can't remember if it was called that back in the day as we just fell into doing it rather than specifically looking for it), While doing the missions for the Rebellion we encountered another player who was alone, we teamed up and eventually was invited to join a guild. Throughout all the years we always kept in touch with the guild memebers who are spread throughout the world in different locations and we've met up with them many times since, being an unsociable hermit this was a huge change of life for me. I wasn't impressed with the NGE changes as it took away what i concidered the core reason for SWG being such a good game, freedom of choice instead of class based, but i got used to it and carried on enjoying the game, spending more time in space or on my Shipwright, throwing my mind into the numbers for resourses and what ships could handle to best optimise them. To this day no other MMORPG has the crafting system SWG has or anywhere near the complexity of it. Once the doors closed (server shutdown) i bounced from MMORPG to MMORPG but couldn't get into any of them, from a mental standpoint.

    Bottom Line : Even though SWG was my first online game it broadened my horizon and helped me to socialise a bit more, going from just a friend I'd known since my school days to a bunch of friends all over the world, it also opened me up to try FPS games online something i'd avoided like the plague usually.
    Although there have been and still are SWG emulators out there I never had the heart to try them out till i heard about Legends, my hat tips to the team for bringing SWG back to life from my personal viewpoint.
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    I was a Beta 3 invite and was ecstatic to finally get into the game I had been following for so long while it was going through it's development phases.

    I'll forever remember the first time loading into Theed, not even knowing the difference between the NPCs and the other players. A Peko Peko - for some reason or another - was attacking right in the courtyard. I joined in with others to shoot at it. At least I think I did. Who knows what buttons I was actually pushing. It really didn't matter; my Star Wars adventure had begun!

    With a great sense of accomplishment, I'll always remember the impromptu overland journey from Espa to Bestine that saw us pick up more and more players as we went. We camped, we hunted, and we enjoyed each others company. Arriving at Bestine to find the sky above lit up by some unknown player's fireworks show was just the ending our adventure needed to make it feel like we actually accomplished something.

    Leading that little trek gave me the drive to become a squad leader. Now my Star Wars adventure had purpose!

    I recall an in-game beta event where we were all gathered in a spot - on Tat if I remember - and then told to rush off and find a mission terminal which would give us - credits, if I recall? It was basically a stress test. Once the event started, everyone dashed off. It was chaotic and confusing and I was suddenly all alone with no good direction. Actually, there was one other person equally as bewildered. I dropped a paraphrased Indiana Jones line on him: "Everone's lost but us." His toon rocked with laughter (He understood that reference). We connected and went on a few missions and adventures together before losing each other as beta came to a close.

    When the game launched, I went to Starsider. As luck would have it, my beta buddy was there too. He had rolled up Nikki Tikki'tavi, an entertainer/brawler. His dad was playing also: Phantom, a commando. Along with my wife's character Cyra (smuggler and then BE), and another we met in beta - Mileena (medic) - we suddenly had a group. Our first real adventure was trying to find the Rebel base on Corellia with only a waypoint which we couldn't verify. It was a time before POIs were in our datapads, and it's existence was in doubt. Finding it really existed was exhilarating and made us feel like kids again as we ran around like a bunch of goofballs once there.

    Nikki pushed me to officially form us up as a guild. We were small and efficient and evolved naturally into combat roles without knowing what the "trinity" of dps/healer/tank really meant. When Killdoran Manterion (a ranger) joined us while we quested on Talus, he remarked just how tight we worked as a team. But not so tight that we couldn't add more: Killdoran became our first new member. Brickabrack (DE), Prion (WS) and Serendipity (Architect) rounded out our guild, which laid the groundwork for our player city Laurus, just NE of Coronet City.

    What started as a movie quote joke in the middle of a stress test lead to the founding of a guild and a player city filled with several diverse personalities working together. To say it's something that can never be replicated again is an understatement of epic proportions.

    15 years is a long time, but I remember it like yesterday. Thank you to all who were part of the memories, named and nameless.
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